Gaia GPS - Offline Topo Maps and GPS Tracker v.8.0

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Gaia GPS is the ultimate app for backcountry, off-grid, and off-trail adventures. Painstakingly crafted since 2009, Gaia offers the full functionality of a handheld, backcountry GPS unit, with the best outdoor maps on the App Store.

Today, six hikers contribute to the support and development of Gaia GPS. You can always get in touch with us at [Only registered and activated users can see links. ].

Gaia (guy-yuh) comes from Greek mythology - she is the Goddess of the Earth, or Mother Nature.

Download unlimited maps of the world, for times when you don't have an internet connection.

Use Gaia on all of your iPhones/iPads/iPods.

View topographic, satellite imagery, and road maps. (USGS Topos, USGS Aerials, USFS, OpenStreetMap, and many other user-suggested map sources of remote places).

Display NEXRAD radar, track data, and TrailBehind waypoints on the map.

Record tracks, waypoints, and take geo-tagged photos.

* use GaiaCloud to back up your waypoints and trails, and sync data between devices

Search for nearby waypoints and reports about places.

Import and export GPX/KML files, by iTunes, Safari, email and

Customize all aspects of Gaia, including units, coordinates types, color and sound, and more.

►► IMPORTANT - IPOD TOUCH AND WIFI ONLY IPADS - This application will not be fully functional on these devices, unless you have an external GPS attachment. The GPS Recorder and compass will be inactive. You will be able to view maps and waypoints, but you cannot record tracks.

►► GPS WARNING - Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. ...MoreWhat's NewGaia 8 is the best release ever, period. Everything has been improved, fixed up, and polished, and we added many features.

* full iOS7 overhaul
* faster, more responsive maps
* share to Facebook/Twitter/SMS/email
* new UI on iPhone (slide-in menus) and iPad (split screen)
* Facebook login for GaiaCloud
* clustered waypoints on map
* better pin placement (pin floats above finger)
* Download Status view for maps and other downloads (spinner button on map)

Bug Fixes
* major structural change eliminates the most common crashes affecting Gaia GPS, related to saving/editing/deleting tracks/waypoints/maps
* Y-axis of speed graph won't get flattened anymore
* GaiaCloud now syncs faster, and has bug fixes for various user-reported track oddities
* UTM now works as people expect (zone numbers/letters)
* issue with routes getting disordered on edit
* waypoint route guidance line could get stuck while in background
* DMS in NAD 27 shifts coordinates when placing a waypoint to the east
* issue with gaiagps:// links on second app load in v 7.3.3
* waypoints always display properly when zooming in and out
* fixed issue where you might see both a full and simplified version of a track
* fixed all issues with deleting any data

GaiaPro Overhaul (renamed from Gaia Green and massively improved)
* MapBox Aerial and Streets
* weather & tides
* layered maps (improved layers menu, and download screen)
* high-res photo syncing
* custom waypoint icons
* renamed as Gaia Pro

Other Changes
* native view for adding/removing external map sources
* split Tracks into Tracks/Routes
* grids moved to main app from Gaia Green (set from layers menu)
* separate menus for map layers and map overlays
* GPS strength view
* NEXRAD weather overlay from Wunderground
* improved Trip computer UI
* integrate search with map (no more POI screen)
* confirmation alert when grabbing coordinates from your clipboard
* search box now detects coordinates
* PDF of manual gets cached in first launch
* added restore button for Gaia Green
* improvements to various text and images
* moved Saved maps to layers menu

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