I am Here Easy to use v1.0.8


Spoiler: Description
Requirements: 2.3 and up
Overview: Send a location message to your friend.This message contains a Google map location link and current address.

The default location is get from system GPS info. You also can choice map-center to location your address (shift map to change the location. Use it for fine tune.).

When you find a good coffee shop, you want to share this location.
But you don't know how to tell this location?
No problem,
This applications will help you locate your nearby area.
Send a message to your friend.
Then your friend can use the location link to open Google Maps to find where you are.

1. Fix some phone address translate problem.
2. You can get address info from MAP center (instead current latitude/longitude)
3. Add map type.
4. Include compass to control MAP rotate.
5. Map can change to full screen.

1. In the outdoors, please set to "GPS Use" => "good GPS location"
"GPS use" => "roughly GPS location" can be used in indoor positioning is relatively fast.
But in some Android system, it seems have problem after using a period of time, you need to reboot to use it again.

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