7Ways v.1.04.630 : 100% Free and fully working offline Navigation and Navigasi Maps


7Ways is a free offline navigation application made ​​in Russia and is also supported by Nav.net map. This application can be downloaded directly from Google Play
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While the map can be downloaded from Nav.net
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Aside from the map file, which needs to be downloaded include:

  1. Indonesian Language & Keyboard
    Spoiler: link
  2. Indonesian Voice
    Spoiler: link
  3. English Quick User Guide
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  4. Full English User Guide
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Attention! size of the file to be downloaded is very large. Once the installation file size can reach 746 MB!

The installation process consists of several stages.

  • The first stage is the stage of the map Nav.net installation on a PC or Laptop. After the installation process is complete, will be made ​​a MyMaps folder on drive C. Go to the folder then we will find a folder as the program name we choose and in this case is 7ways . Inside that folder we will find a collection of map files.
  • The second stage is the application installation process 7Ways on our Android devices.

Post-installation process on Android, 7Ways program execution immediately.

  • There will be an error message to enter the base map. Ignore it. 7Ways immediately exit the program. Connect your Android device to your PC or Laptop. Try searching the folders on Android devices and we will find a new folder, called "7Ways".
  • Enter all available map files on drive "C: \ MyMaps \ navigation \ 7Ways" to folder "7Ways/maps".
  • Extract the file Indonesian and Indonesian Language Voice. Enter the file "Indonesia.7wv" to folder "7Ways/sound". Then enter the file "Indonesia.7wl" to folder "7Ways/languages".

Then, you're good to go.

In fact this is a navigation program turn-by-turn. Maybe not as sophisticated as other paid programs but accurate and valid for the entire territory of Indonesia. And the most important is: FREE!