Geocaching v3.0.1
Groundspeak Inc. - August 16, 2013
Requires Android: 2.2 and up

Geocaching is the real-world treasure hunting adventure thatís happening right now, all around you. Geocachers use this app to seek out treasures called geocaches. These containers are cleverly hidden by geocachers from the 5-million-strong global community. There are over two million geocaches hidden around the world, so thereís almost certainly one near you. All you need to begin your adventure is a smartphone with this app and a free Geocaching account.

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With this app, you can:

・ Spontaneously find nearby geocaches
・ Plan a geocaching adventure
・ Log your finds
・ Navigate to geocaches with a map or compass view
・ View geocache details, photos and hints
・ Use advanced geocache search features
・ Sign in with an existing Geocaching account or create a new Geocaching account

Supported Languages:
・ Čeötina
・ Nederlands
・ Dansk
・ English (US)
・ FranÁais
・ Deutsch
・ Italiano
・ Norwegian BokmŚl
・ Svenska
・ PortuguÍs
・ Suomen kieli
・ Slovenčina
・ EspaŮol

What's New:
Quick fixes in 3.0.1:
・ Fixed crashes while navigating and searching
・ Added radar back in

More Info:

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