Outdoor Navigation Pro v2.1.1
Android 2.1 and up

Outdoor Navigation software is your best friend through your adventures in the wild.

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Outdoor Navigation software is your best friend through your adventures in the wild.
Go into the outdoors with confidence and enjoy your activities without worrying about the tools to help you navigate. Your Outdoor Navigation app is made by the people who have been developing this software since 2003 across multiple platforms. Be sure that you will stay ahead of the rest with continuous updates and relevant tools.
It is an excellent tool for biking, jogging, skiing, hiking, geocaching, boating, flying and many other sporting activities.
The PRO version of Outdoor Navigation gives you the base application and all the available plugins* (Compass, Speedometer, Offline Maps, Charts, SOS, Share) in one purchase at a great discount.
Outdoor Chart
Outdoor Compass
Outdoor Offline Maps
Outdoor Share
Outdoor SOS
Outdoor Speedometer
It is the fastest and easiest way to install all the most advanced features of this award winning software for an excellent price!
*US Terrain inteligence must be purchased separately because it is location specific (US only).

- Online Street and Satellite Google Maps plus 26 other online maps!
- Offline Maps: allow you to use your Outdoor Navigation application without an internet connection. Simply download the selected part of a map and use it later when you no longer have a data connection. Choose from a variety of maps and never worry about roaming charges again.
+ Select from 16 different maps available for download
+ Choose the size of the maps you download
+ Choose the quality level of the maps you download
+ Download several maps to be accessed later
- Search places
- Track recording, creating custom Photo POI-s
- Online Route Planning from A to B (car, pedestrian, beeline, plus bicycle and public transport in countries where available), manual route drawing
- Outdoor Navigation with advanced Digital Compass that allows you to view a chart and to view and select Trip computers beside the Compass
- Speedometer with Car, Bike and Plane layouts and the ability to quickly set and change your current speed limit and receive accurate sound warnings if you have gone over your desired range.
- Speed limit tables with selectable speed limits and warning beep when speeding over the set limit!
- Trip Computer with 40 selectable tools with multiple layout options
- Track, analyze, compare switch your tracks (up to 5) on Charts
- Share your tracks and POI-s via E-mail and Facebook with embedded Chart and Map view
- Displaying your geo-tagged photos from a Gallery on the Map
- Info and SOS (Panic and Emergency) messages sending via SMS and to an email address
- English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Hungarian and Korean languages are supported. Other languages available soon.
New features to come:
- Drop Box integration to be able backup, restore, export and import your track data
- Ability to view charts that include your live track that is being recorded.
- Checkin feature that allows your Facebook friends to see your current location.
- Additional speedometer layouts and styles to match your personality or even your current mood.

What's in this version : (Updated : Feb 14, 2013)
Fixed problem with license of plugins

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