GPS Speedometer v1.1.9

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is a highly customizable,auto scalable speedometer with large analogue view,designed for daily use with perfect visual graphics.

a perfect companion whenever you need to know your speed information,direction and altitude, Gps Speedometer Pro can be used efficiently for driving,hiking,cycling,walking etc...

You can keep record of your track or route and create valid GPX files and share with your friends.

Pro version is available with NO ADS.
Please note that some features are available only for Pro version.


-Customizable Graphics
-Speedometer Hand(3 selections)
-Speedometer Wheel(3 selections)

-Smart Gps lock
-Quick Gps locking

Scaling and Auto Scale
-Auto scale
-Scale can be adjusted
- 0/80 Scale (PRO ONLY)
- 0/160 Scale
- 0/260 Scale

Speed Information
-Average Speed
-Maximum Speed
-Average and Maxium Speed can be reset

Address Information (PRO ONLY)
-Your actual location address
-Street name
-Post code

Creating Gpx Files
-Gpx files are created automatically and saved in your SDCARD
-You can easily share or delete any file.
-Can be disable/enabled.
-Attach Gpx file and Send Email(PRO ONLY)
-Open your gpx files with Google Earth

Speed Limiter Warning
-Sound Alaram
-Volume control for sound alarm
-Speed Limiter can be adjusted by touch and rotation around center -wheel as seen in the screenshots.

Compass Information

Altitude Information
-Altitude correction,It can be adjusted by user ,positive or negative altitude correction values can be added to current altitude value

Font Selection
-Digital Font
-Normal Font

Screen Rotation
-Auto Screen Orientation

-APP 2SDcard support

Device Support
-All screen types are supported
-Small screen
-Normal screen
-Large Screen

Tested Devices
-Htc Hero (Android 2.1)
-HTC HD Desire (Android 2.2)
-Samsung Galaxy S2 (Android 2.3.3)

User Permissions,Privacy,Security
-Gps Speedometer does not store or collect any personal information
-Please note that requested permissions are required by Advertisement software used in the application.Gps Speedometer only uses and needs Gps usage permission.If you have any questions regarding permissions please contact our developers.Pro version requires less permissions as it has no advertisements in application.

Quick Guide
Please make sure you are outside of your room,before you enable your gps,
First enable your Gps by pressing the red gps button on the top right.

Once the gps signal is picked or gps is locked, gps button will become blue color which indicates that gps signal is available, in cases when gps signal is lost,gps icon will turn to red,indicating that gps is trying to get lock.

Gpx Files are located at /sdcard/GpsSpeedometerProGpx/ folder.

Whats New:
Recent Update 25 Jan 2012 Tue 20:00
-Bug fixes
Previous Update 13 July 2012 Friday 08:00 UTC
-This latest version is a quick fix for the text size and font problems with Samsung Galaxy S3 and similar large screen devices.
-Main update with will be later with the extra features.
-In case you experience any problem with the latest update please contact us.
Previous Update 14 May 2012 Mon
-few bug fixes.
-some code upgrades,optimizations.

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