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    Thumbs up CEALogs Explorers Tracker v1.61 S60v3 v5 OS9.x Signed Read NFO Regged-FoXPDA / [email protected] [email protected]$h

    Record every detail of your trips no matter whether traveling on foot, on sledge, by car, on board of a ship or biking.
    Basic info
    Basic information screen displays course (COG) and speed (SOG) (choice of method of calculating the speed, can eliminate GPS problems at low speeds) and a graph of the history of altitude and speed with a variable scale. The area of the speed graph allows the distance travelled to be estimated.
    User stats
    There are 12 memories for statistics that separately assess driving, walking, walking in the mountains, cycling, etc. Separate information will help better estimate, for example, the time needed to return to camp, the amount of food and water or assess the level of sport performance. The memories can be switched using the stats menu, which can be easily memorised.
    Key mapping
    Allows you to utilise the advantages of the system and user menus on phones that have no numeric keypad (eg E71). Can also be mirror-reversed for left-handers. Assign functions to keys, perhaps on the extreme left or right side of devices with a full keyboard so that they can be easily reached by your fingers.
    Position & track
    Current position appears against most points in nearby surroundings. The database of points is global, of a high quality and by using its own compression and index format it is quick and small (whole world 350MB, you do not have to download or prepare any data before you go, as they are with you at all times). As an optional feature it can show you the route of movement.
    Total stats
    Summary statistics are added together, e.g. for a whole excursion or for all types of movement, regardless of which user memory is active. Find at any time, as in all stats, trip and user - the distance, moving time, total time, average speed of movement and overall time.
    Anchor alarm & alerts
    Developed for safe anchorage, movement of the ship outside the range of the chain length is indicated acoustically with maximum volume. The algorithm works for motion detection and stoppages also, which are important for later work with the data (one remembers that the second stop of the day was the most important)
    Smart bearing
    In text mode nearest landmarks are displayed, and their distance and bearing from your position. Ideal for determining your position to give to the local, for rescuers, etc., or for meeting with other members of the expedition. It is always easier to go to a place that is 1 km south of the church than by using coordinates ....
    You can enter any number of longer notes; the system will connect them with the current location and time. You can later rewrite or amend the notes, which means you can insert a blank note and complete it when you rest in the tent or hotel. Alternatively, to make it faster, you can use your own templates and you can also insert the names of landmarks chosen from the smart bearing view.
    Display modes
    Choose from a choice of skins, with a combination of colours that best suit your eyes, taste, display or lighting conditions. Intelligent backlight - disabled, permanently or permanently when charging (ideal for holders in cars, boats, etc.). The choice of either nautical or land units of measurement.
    GPS status
    General information about visible satellites, their signal quality and the current horizontal and vertical accuracy. You can activate and deactivate the GPS and see whether status is- OK FIX, NO FIX, NO DATA
    System menu
    Optimized function keys that can be easily remembered, which gives the ability to control the application from memory. Uses the number keys as well as the green and red talk button, function keys and cursor keys. Each function is accessible by 2, or max. 3 keystrokes!
    Night mode
    The combination of muted red and black color protects your eyes from glare when looking at the screen at night or in poor visibility. Tuned for maximum contrast and for reading the data with ease. Ideal for permanent backlight for night navigation or car journey and also for brief glances at the display during night walking.
    Trip stats
    Statistics of a particular trip or part of an expedition. The system recognizes a long break and offers to reset the statistics, which can be confirmed or rejected depending on whether it really is a new section or not.
    User menu
    Activates by way of the green talk button and has the same ease-of-use philosophy as the system menu. Ideal for direct activation of the most frequently used functions, simply select the function for the button and save the settings.
    Battery life
    Configurable power saving mode which switches off the GPS if the signal is lost. As you enter a building, cave or a deep valley, the system turns off the GPS itself and then tries to regain a fix at regular intervals. Losses and recoveries of the signal are indicated by a sound! This extends the battery life up to two times. The settings is optimized for both, normal mode or assisted GPS.
    Installation Notes:
    Restart Your Phone After Installation ! enjoy

    Download Skins
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    Thumbs up CEALogs Explorers Tracker v1.61 S60v3 S60v5 SymbianOS9.x signed [email protected] -By- [email protected]$h

    CEALogs Explorers Tracker v1.61 S60v3 S60v5 SymbianOS9.x signed [email protected] -By- [email protected]$h


    Explorers Tracker is the only software you need to track your journey or exploration.

    Explorers Tracker (ET) is the only software you need to track your journey or exploration. ET keeps a diary of your travels with notes, photos and maps, allowing you to enjoy your journey and not worry about recording where you have been and what it looked like. Data recorded by Explorers Tracker is very reliable and of a high quality enabling you to generate a perfect log from your holiday or expedition. You can also create a logbook and mileage book and even create a DVD presentation to show your family and friends on return. Our tools will link data with pictures from many cameras to show your route on Google Earth and allow you to share the setup and data with your friends. ET is not only a toy but an excellent tool that will satisfy even the professional traveller.


    • Symbian S60 3rd/5th Edition

    What's New in This Release:-

    • Some Minor Bugs Are Fixed...!

    About [email protected] :-

    • No Need To Register.

    For More Information Read this PDF
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    Special thanks To Azrine Brother .. !




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