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Thread: TwoNav v2.2

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    Default TwoNav v2.2

    TwoNav v2.2
    Requirements: WM2003+
    Overview: Don't limit your mobility to just one kind of terrain. With TwoNav you can enjoy the best On-road and Off-road assistance, obtaining a complete solution to your orientation needs


    Don't limit your mobility to just one kind of terrain. With TwoNav you can enjoy the best On-road and Off-road assistance, obtaining a complete solution to your orientation needs.

    Use urban navigators' typical features (door-to-door navigation next manoeuvre, etc.) beside the versatility of the CompeGPS Off-road tools (map viewing, movement stats, position reference edition, etc.). All in just one program.

    A user friendly interface will let you access a great diversity of functions so the software can be adapted to your needs in any situation. Wherever you are, TwoNav will help you find the best way to reach your destination efficiently and safety.

    TwoNav gives you the flexibility to use the most appropriate cartography for your needs. Any kind of map (topographic, orthophotos, elevation maps, etc.) may be used to obtain complete information about any terrain (see more info about cartography or visit maps' shop).

    To access Onroad functions you will need CompeGPS' road maps (V-maps). You can acquire V-maps of your zone (Iberia, Germany, Italy... or even all Western Europe) jointly with TwoNav

    TwoNav Pocket is the version of the program for PDA (Windows M 2003, 2005 y 6).


    * Voice indication and Text (menu interface) inside the software in English, Español, Français, Italiano, Deutsch, Português, Català, Polski, Arabic, Euskara (soon with voice), Suomi, Hebrew and Galego (no voice).
    * 2D, plane 3D and real 3D view* (with terrain relief)
    * Customizable on-screen data (speed, altitude, time on destination...)
    * Compatible files format*:
    o Maps: *.RMAP ,*.ECW,*.VMAP/*MPVF, *.IMP, *.CDEM
    o Tracks: *.TRK, *.IGC, *.PLT,*.GPX
    o Routes: *.RTE, *.GPX
    o Waypoints: *.WPT, *.BWPT,*.LOC,*.GPX
    * Up to 3 maps simultaneously on screen
    * Track recording
    * Possibility to overlap the road map (V-map) to topographic maps, orthophotos, etc. (not included) see example)
    * Favorites manager

    *More map formats can be imported and converted to these ones from CompeGPS Land/Air.

    *Real 3D view works over topographic maps, so if v-map (road map) and CDEM are loaded, when activating 3D+ it only will be able to show the relief of the area but without the map information.

    On-road (Vmap required)
    * CompeGPS V-maps (Tele Atlas) with best accuracy and update level.
    * Several ways to choose destination (address, map, historic, home...)
    * Automatic route calculation (fastest/shortest)
    * Turn-by-turn voice guidance

    * Topographic maps available from a lot of countries in map shop
    * Compatible with any kind of maps (topographic, orthophotos, etc.)
    * Navigate to waypoint, following a track, route, etc.
    * Unlimited track, route and waypoint creation and management
    * Track/route altitude graphs

    You can acquire TwoNav with Vmap included or only the software without maps:

    * TwoNav Pocket: You will receive an email with a link to download latest version of TwoNav and a register code to activate it (valid for all updates within version 1.XX), but no maps are included.
    You can acquire topographic maps or Vmaps (to access On-road functions) separately.
    * TwoNav Pocket + Vmap: Vmap included depends on the zone you choose (TwoNav Pocket Iberia, Germany, France, Italy, etc.). You will receive a CD with:
    o Latest version of TwoNav with license to access all updates within version (1.XX)
    o Latest version of Vmap of your zone
    o Elevation map (CDEM) of your zone

    More Info:

    Please Login or Register to see the links
    Download Instructions:
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

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