BackCountry [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] v2.8.2
Requirements: WM 2003 or later, 4 Meg File space, 10 Meg Program space.
Overview: BackCountry Navigator is software that turns your Windows Mobile or PDA into a capable outdoor navigation device. With very little effort on your part, it will download freely available US topo maps and aerial photos surrounding the location of your next adventure. Attach a GPS receiver to see your location on a moving map. Download and import waypoints, or add your own to get realtime guidance to an outdoor destination.

BackCountry Navigator is appropriate for all activities for which you would normally use a topographic map and compass or GPS. People have used it successfully in geocaching excursions, extended backpacking trips, kayak touring, and more.

BackCountry Navigator has a number of benefits to the outdoor enthusiast:

- Navigate with color Topographic Maps describing terrain of land and waterways.
- Use Aerial Photography for a rich, overhead image of your area of interest.
- Download USGS Geographic Places for Points of Interest from over two million geographic features within the United States at the touch of a button.
- Download maps directly to your PPC whenever connected to the internet without the need for desktop software, subscriptions, or CD Roms.
- Use public domain maps from TerraServer-USA with no additional cost or subscription needed. In other words, use *Free Maps* for any region of the United States.
- Create tiled maps that define the area of your adventure, without being limited by the boundaries of quads, counties, or states.
- Define unlimited Custom Waypoints for navigation with a tap of the screen.
- Use a builtin or addon GPS Receiver to show your location on a moving, multiresolution map of the wilderness.
- Track your progress toward a Goto Waypoint using the loaded maps and the compass image.
- Import GPX files (GPS Exchange format) to use waypoints defined by friends or other internet users, plus trails previously recorded by others.
- Display geocache locations on your map and see formatted descriptions and hints.
- Import LOC files for cache waypoints.
- See waypoints and places at a glance on a Point List.
- Use the full display capabilities of your VGA Pocket PC with 2003SE for crisp and sharp images.
- Support for Square Screen devices
- Automatic GPS Detection or manual port and speed settings.
- Smart bluetooth behavior in power off situations.
- Mark your path using Tracking (breadcrumbing) functionality.
- Export your waypoints and tracks in GPX format for sharing or use in desktop software.
- Use the Quick Zoom Control for switching to various resolutions of map data.
- Easily mark lines and rectangles on the screen for distance measurements.


- Fixed: additional cases of ArithmeticException
- Avoid MissingMethodException for some devices.
- Longer Read Timeouts for Gps Device Streams.

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