TwoNav Italy
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Price: $119.99
Size: 290 MB
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Transform your iPhone 3GS and 3G into a professional Outdoor GPS.

View maps (large collection), prepare/edit/follow your tracks, customize your data panels (current altitudes, speed,

graphics, compass heading, etc.) and just enjoy your activities. Driving, running, hiking, biking or just walking around,

FTP server included to download and upload your data into iPhone. Manuals and tutorials at: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

TwoNav has the best tools.

Italy VMap included!

MAPS: online, offline, no limit

>>Unlimited and FREE Online MAP included:

- Full coverage of Spain and Italy with topographic (1:25 000) and orthophotos (50cm/pixel).

- Full coverage of USA and Canada with topographic maps from MyTopo (enhanced and seamless version of USGS

dataset, with US Forest Service updates, and the official DRCan maps).

- OpenStreetMap and OpenStreetMap Cycle Map worldwide coverage.

(To receive all these maps, take the option to download default data at first launch).

>>Load your OWN MAPS:

- Convert many map types and formats (.map,.jpg,.gif, .tif, etc) with our free CompeGPS Land PC version

available at [Only registered and activated users can see links. ].

- TwoNav includes an FTP server to download and upload your data into iPhone very easily and quickly.

>>A large portfolio of topographic maps for OFFLINE access:

- CompeGPS has the biggest topographic map portfolio from official mapping agencies: Spain (IGN), France

(IGN), Germany (BKG), Finland, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Chile… all in the best scale available. The widest

topographic map portfolio in the market!

- Download by tiles or zones (depending on the country) in [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] and use it in your iPhone offline.

MANAGE YOUR DATA: easy, powerful

- UNLIMITED tracks, routes and waypoints
- Create, edit and follow them directly on your Iphone
- Navigate North up or Track up to better fit your needs
- Compatibility with GPX, PLT format but also CompeGPS own format (size-efficient and feature-rich)


- Your altitude with the highest precision (sole application to apply geoid correction for better accuracy)
- Compass, altitude graph and data page
- More than 60 on-screen trip stats (speed, average speed, chronometer, estimated time and distance to destination,

accumulated slope, maximum altitude, coordinates, sunset/sunrise time…)


Portrait or landscape
GPS Track recording with the screen off (up to 50% battery saving!)


Incredible precision and fluidity
3D view for better orientation
(Note: for 3D you need the 3D file available free through our PC software CompeGPS Land)

ONROAD NAVIGATION: 2 GPS in 1 (only maps for Europa available)

With all the classical GPS car navigator features, you will discover all the power of your TwoNav dual navigation. Main features:
- Turn-by-turn voice guidance
- Speed limit/camera alerts
- Search by address, map, history...
- Favorites manager
- Short recalculation time

[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]