NRadarPro Iberia
Cate: Navigation
Size: 6.9 MB

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▼ Who may benefit from this app?
● Drivers who want to drive safer in the road.
● This app allows you to get warnings when a safety camera exists and also to make your own warnings.

▼ Main features:
● Allows settings for Fixed radars, mobile and lights
● Setup warning based on sounds, shake and flashing
● Have real people voices that tell you how to reduce the speed, so you do not even need to look at the screen, like a normal turn by turn software
● Setup up your preferred distance for warnings
● Upload a new database whenever you prefer for free
● Create your own safety camera database easy and intuitive
● See multiple warnings at the same time
● GPS Signal quality
● Know from where they will come from checking the screen
● Allows Ipod music at the same time with music fade out and fade in
● Uses advanced Bluetooth with your car, so it can override the music with the warnings

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