City Guide: the official "Complete collection of maps of Russia v.7.1 + 5 fee and 13 free maps Russian ver
Year: 2009
Developer: MIT
Platform: Win32, WinMobile / WinCE, Symbian
Размер: 744 MB Size: 744 MB

Description: A complete set of maps for navigation program City Guide: the official "Complete collection of maps of Russia v.7.1" + 5 paid cards, not included in this office. release, and 13 free cards.
In the folder "Update", are: File radars, 3D models of buildings and an update for release of "Maps of Russia. These cards are used on all versions of this program under any platform.
South of Finland in Russia included a collection of cards by the developers.

Complete collection of maps of Russia v.7.1 (paid):
Astrakhan region v.1.3 from 24.10.08 - 30Ast.dcm
Barnaul v.1.1 from 07.05.09 - 22Alk.dcm
Bashkortostan v.1.1 from 30.01.09 - 02Bsh.dcm
Belgorod region v.1.1 from 19.01.09 - 31Bel.dcm
Vladimir region v.2.1 from 12.10.09 - 33Vld.dcm
Volgograd Region v.2.1 from 27.03.09 - 34Vlg.dcm
Vologda v.1.3 from 09.02.09 - 35Vol.dcm
Voronezh region v.1.2 from 25.05.09 - 36Vrn.dcm
Dagestan v.1.3 from 21.05.09 - 05Dag.dcm
Ekaterinburg, Sverdl.oblast v.3.1 from 31.08.09 - 66Ekt.dcm
Ivanovo region v.1.3 from 16.10.08 - 37Ivn.dcm
Kaliningrad region v.1.1 from 29.05.09 - 39Kln.dcm
Kalmykia v.2.1 from 02.12.08 - 08Klm.dcm
Karachay-Cherkessia v.1.1 from 29.12.08 - 09KCh.dcm
Karelia v.3.1 from 07.10.09 - 10krl.dcm
Kemerovo region v.1.1 from 17.09.09 - 42Kem.dcm
Komsomolsk-on-Amur v.1.2 from 04.03.09 - 27KnA.dcm
Kostroma region v.1.2 from 24.10.08 - 44Kos.dcm
Krasnodar Territory v.2.5 from 10.11.08 - 23Krd.dcm
Krasnoyarsk Krai v.2.2 from 09.02.09 - 24Krs.dcm
Kursk region v.1.2 from 09.02.09 - 46Kur.dcm
Ladoga v.1.2 from 22.05.09 - RUx22020.dcm
Lipetsk region v.1.1 from 28.04.09 - 48Lip.dcm
Murmansk region v.2.1 from 29.12.08 - 51Mrm.dcm
Nizhny Novgorod Region v.5.2 from 07.07.09 - 52NNv.dcm
Novgorod region v.4.1 from 20.10.09 - 53Nov.dcm
Novosibirsk.dcm Novosibirsk v.3.1 from 24.09.09 - Novosibirsk.dcm
Omsk v.1.1 from 07.05.09 - 55Oms.dcm
Orel region v.1.3 from 16.10.08 - 57Orl.dcm
Penza region v.1.2 from 16.10.08 - 58Pen.dcm
Perm region v.6.2 from 31.08.09 - 59Perm.dcm
Primorsky Krai v.3.1 from 09.02.09 - 25Pri.dcm
Pskov v.3.1 from 22.06.09 - 60Psk.dcm
Rostov Region v.4.4 from 17.12.08 - 61Ros.dcm
Ryazan region v.1.3 from 16.10.08 - 62Ryz.dcm
Samara region v.3.2 from 31.08.09 - 63Smr.dcm
Saratov region v.1.1 from 10.02.09 - 64Sar.dcm
Smolensk v.1.1 from 04.02.09 - 67Smo.dcm
Stavropol Territory v.2.2 from 30.01.09 - 26Stv.dcm
Tambov region v.1.1 from 07.05.09 - 68Tam.dcm
Tatarstan v.5.4 from 12.11.08 - 16Tts.dcm
Tver region v.2.1 from 03.08.09 - 69Tvr.dcm
Tomsk v.1.1 from 28.05.09 - 70Tom.dcm
Tula region v.3.1 from 05.10.09 - 71Tul.dcm
FinSouth.dcm Finland, from Kotka to Turku v.5.1 from 27.05.09 - FinSouth.dcm
Gulf of Finland, the Eastern v.1.1 from 22.12.08 - RU3NRKH0.dcm
Khakassia v.1.1 from 28.04.09 - 19Kha.dcm
Khanty-Mansiysk AD v.1.1 from 06.07.09 - 86HMO.dcm
Chelyabinsk v.1.5 from 03.12.08 - 74Chl.dcm
Chelyabinsk region v.1.3 from 30.01.09 - 74ChlO.dcm
Chuvashia v.1.2 from 29.01.09 - 21Chv.dcm
Yaroslavl Region v.1.2 from 13.07.09 - 76Yar.dcm

Free maps:
Roads Eurasia v.6.2 30.04.09
Ukraine v.2.1 on 24.04.09
Belarus, unofficial overview map, v.1.1
Estonia v.1.0 on 14.06.06
Moscow v.14.5 on 20.10.09
Moscow region v.8.4 on 25.09.09
St. Petersburg v.22.6 on 01.10.09
Leningrad Region v.7.2 on 31.08.09
Route Moscow - St. Petersburg, E105, v1.3
Rostov v.1.1
V.4.1 from Riga 31.03.09
Almaty v.1.3 on 22.06.09
Astana Light v.3.1 on 10.09.09

Other cards (paying):
Central Asia
\ Vladivostok

\ MiniFAQ:
3D models of buildings are copied to the folder with the maps. Works 3D mapping of buildings, flyovers and model homes on CityGuide starting with version 3.4
File radars and upgrade the road conditions are copied to the folder with the program.
Updates road environment picked up the program automatically. Убедиться в том что Make sure that the renovation work can read more about where the map will indicate the date of final proofreading.
Warnings about the positions of the DPS file radars are included in the Options, 2nd page "," Voice messages ".
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