Navizon (3.0) iPhone Ipod Touch

Navizon (3.0)
Mexens Technology Inc
Category: Utilities
Price: $9.99
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Application Description:
Navizon is a positioning system that combines WiFi and Cellular triangulations to locate your iPhone in many places where the iPhone's built-in mechanism cannot locate you. Navizon relies on a community of thousands of users contributing WiFi and Cellular towers locations.

Before buying, try Navizon Lite.

Compared to the Lite version the full version has:
- Trail Logging to keep track of the places you go.
- Unlimited buddy location alerts.

- Locate yourself using a combined GPS, WiFi and Cell tower powered positioning system.
- Buddy Finder to locate your loved ones at any time.
- Navizon Groups that let you see the position of users sharing the same interests.
- Navizon Alerts that let you trigger an event such as receiving an email or calling a URL where you or one of your buddies enter a location of interest. You can receive up to 5 alerts per months with the Free version and an unlimited number of alerts with the Premium version.
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New in this Version:
- Updated for compatibilty with iPhone OS 3.0.
- Uses the iPhone OS 3.0 new Map capability.

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