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    Important User Information about Loc8 Codes for Ireland + unl code
    Information about Loc8 Codes for Ireland + unl code
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    Information about Loc8 Codes for Ireland + unl code

    Information about Loc8 Codes for Ireland

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Garmin info:
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    Loc8 Codes for Ireland

    Always arrive at the right destination in Ireland with Loc8 Codes on your Garmin sat nav. These free-to-create “location codes” work like a postcode to make addresses more accurate. With Loc8 you can assign a unique reference to any residence, business, tourist attraction, event or landmark in the country and use it to search and navigate with your Garmin sat nav for pinpoint-accurate addressing.

    Now there’s no need to rely on local knowledge or guess the spelling of a destination to get around in Ireland. Loc8 revolutionises the way you describe and navigate to destinations, ensuring that delivery businesses, taxis, consumers and tourists can find their way to the right door.

    What are Loc8 Codes?

    Loc8 Codes are digitally-generated navigation codes, which uniquely describe any destination in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, regardless how remote, commonly-named or vague the location. Once created, you can use these codes to make your own address more accurate or key into your Garmin sat nav to make sure you find the right place, first time, every time.

    What are my Options?

    Customers who purchased a Garmin sat nav for Ireland after 1 June 2010 may be entitled to a free software update to add the Loc8 search functionality to their unit.

    * I purchased a sat nav after 1 June 2010
    Does it already have Loc8 search enabled? If so, you’re ready to go!
    If not, you could be eligible for a free software upgrade from Loc8 by [Only registered and activated users can see links. ].

    * I purchased a sat nav before 1 June 2010
    If you have a compatible Garmin sat nav, you can now purchase a Loc8 activation code to add this search functionality and enhance your navigation in Ireland

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Which Garmin devices are compatible with Loc8 Codes?
    All models in the Garmin nüvi 1200, 1300, 1400 and 3700 series are compatible with Loc8

    Q: How accurate are Loc8 Codes?
    : A Loc8 code is a unique series of eight alphanumeric characters, which define any location to an accuracy of +/-6 metres, whether a residence, business, commercial property, service, landmark, event or point of interest.

    Q: How do I get a Loc8 Code?
    Getting a Loc8 Code is absolutely free. Simply go to [Only registered and activated users can see links. ], fill in all the known address information – a building or street name, number, proprietor, access floor, type of residence etc – then a map appears on your computer screen. Then click the exact location on the map to generate your unique code.

    Q: How do I use a Loc8 Code on my Garmin sat nav?
    Tap the ‘Where to?’ menu icon on the sat nav as usual, then ‘Address’ and ‘Spell Postal Code’. You will see that you have the option to key in a Loc8 Code. In Northern Ireland either the BT postcode or Loc8 can be used here. The Loc8 Code is then converted to coordinates and the destination is displayed on the map. When you’re ready to navigate, tap ‘Go’ for turn-by-turn directions there.

    Q: Why should I Loc8 it with Garmin?
    : Loc8 Codes are ideal for anyone who relies upon navigating to or finding a precise destination, whether a private consumer or multi-drop delivery business. Loc8 Codes mean you can provide a unique address to distribution companies or visitors. By improving your addresses with Loc8, you can save time and fuel by finding the right place, first time, every time, rather than getting lost at the last kilometre. Emergency services can respond rapidly, even if the callout is to a common address or not to a specific building and businesses can boost efficiencies and slash delivery times.

    FID/MapID=2124 PID=1 RgnID=0 VenID=0
    Use your Unit ID plus FID, PID, RgnID & VenID with [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    Paste the generated 25-character unlock code in a LOC8.UNL file and copy that file to "[Garmin Unit]:\Garmin\LOC8.UNL" or "[Garmin Unit]:\.System\LOC8.UNL".

    Details about Loc8 Codes Lifetime:
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    Attached Images Attached Images
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    NOTICE! Due to other activities I'm now having a very low attention to questions and requests here at GPSPower.

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    Garmin 12xx, 13xx and 14xx series units Purchased since 1st June 2010 WITH Ireland & UK mapping preloaded are free to unlock. Garmin 2x5 and 37xx Series Units Purchased since 1st August 2010 WITH Ireland & UK mapping preloaded are free to unlock. Older units and those purchased WITHOUT Ireland and UK mapping preloaded will Cost €23.99 incl. VAT to Unlock.
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    Thanks, Kanopus

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    ☼ADMIN☼ Information about Loc8 Codes for Ireland + unl code
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    loc8 unlock code.

    FID 2124,1,0,0
    unlock with jetmouse keygen

    Code has to be written into LOC8.UNL

    copy to directory

    View Loc8 Code on the map
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    You have to navigate to get to the good.

    Galaxy S5 Kitkat 4.4.2 / Nuvi1200->1250 / Nuvi3790T->34xx / Nuvi 2200 / Nuvi 66 / Oregon 600

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    Cant seem to get it to work, on a Nuvi 775T(compatible according to the LOC8 website).
    I made a notepad file with the jetmouse code for my unit ID pasted into it(using the FID 2124), then saved the notepad file as LOC8.UNL onto my desktop (saved as 'all files' rather than .txt, is this right?), then I put the notepad file into the Garmin folder in the Main unit memory. Tried to test it using my own generated postal code, but it could not detect it on the unit, and it asked me for my house number and address anyway. Did I do all the steps correctly?

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    Try putting it in \.System\loc8.unl (Not uppercase). Verify by changing country to Ireland then select enter post code on addresses page. It should now say "post code and loc8".



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