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    Default Detailed Terrain/Topo map of Victoria, Australia

    I'm currently trying to upload a map of Victoria I created.
    The coverage is all of Victoria plus the High country and the southern parts of NSW.
    You can check a sample tile [Only registered and activated users can see links. ].
    For the actual map files I reduced the color depth to 48 colors to save on space and make working/using the files faster.
    As you can see by the sample I limited the tile size to a max of 10.000x10.000 but many tiles are smaller.

    Some details:
    Source - Google Terrain, Zoom level 15 (max!) resulting in a Topo style map with a semi 3D look due to the hill shades
    Collected data - over 12GB
    Date of collection - Nov. 2012
    Initial tile details - over 10.000 tiles, combined into suitable sizes, color reduction and calibration using Global Mapper, OziExplorer and PS5 in batchmode
    Time to download - about a week
    Time to create the calibrated tiles and provide the additional files for the use in other programs - over 3 weeks

    Additional infos:
    Don't even think of combining all tiles into a single map unless
    a) the target system can handle maps of over 2GB
    b) you have a fast 64bit system with a least 4 cores and 8GB of ram!
    Each tile still uses about 100mb of ram, so you can check how many tiles you can keep in your installed Ram before choking.
    I used the PNG format as it keeps all vital data with only minor losses in quality.

    How can I use the files or are they already usable?
    You could use the files directly but I would not recommend it as they consume a lot of Ram that way.
    I included the following additional infos to each PNG file:
    Datum and Projection (always WGS84/Mercator)
    Ozi .map file
    Projection .prj file
    Mapinfo Tab files
    Worldfiles .PGW
    ERMapper header ERS files
    ESRI .aux.xml files
    Auto KA World files
    So you see it is all there you might need to convert the files for the system of your choice.
    For OziExplorer I suggest to convert into OFZX3 first and after that to combine using MapMerge.
    You can use MapMerge directly but in either case don't create a single map from all tiles, the result would be too big to handle or if limited to 2GB too low in resolution.
    Select the area you need using the tiling function in Map Merge and don't slect to change the colors as they are already limited to 48, doing it again will only cost you time
    For Global Mapper I strongly suggest to use a Map Catalog if you want to load all to check the coverage and select what you want.
    Adjust the settings for visability to a zoom level that suits you.
    After that you can check the map and write down the tiles you need.
    Reload what you need and create your map.
    Other option is to load tile by tile to get what you need, the tiles start from the West by filename and go down in rows. So "*terrain1*" is the most west, "*terrain9" the most east.

    I created those files for personal use only and to save others the time and effort to download and calibrate all.
    If you create your own maps from the data please share them here.
    The whole map is in 24 parts all up about 6GB.
    You can find the files [Only registered and activated users can see links. ].
    If you need full speed or have no Uploaded account you can register at tomtest.net for free.
    After that you can use the online premium link generator in the tool section and download with full speed, but files after files is recommended instead of all at once.
    If you need help using the files to create you own map check my mapmaking tutorial.

    You can find an overview of the map here:
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    It shows the names of the files making the selection a bit easier.
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    Password for all my files: downunder

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    The map is online now, please leave your feedback here and questions about creating a map from the data in the mapmaking thread.
    Password for all my files: downunder

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    Maps for the entire country in 1:250000 are available for free download from the Govt Geoscience Australia website. I'd put in a linky but I don't have the req 10 posts to allow me to do that yet



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