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    map REQ: Information about Vextractor v6.xx

    Hey everyone!
    I know this is slightly off-topic but it might be very useful for a lot of people, just like me, who are creating their own vector maps.

    I'm looking to convert raster maps in to vector maps and I've found the demo of this Vextractor v6.90
    I've tried it with a small sasplanet bmp stictch map and it's pretty good at tracing the lines in to vectors but with a few adjustments to the image raster prior to using Vextractor would make it a lot better.

    For these changes would be to convert the raster maps to black/white, removing all the excess "garbage" from the image could be done either manually or via software such as photoshop and then running it through Vextractor...

    Is there anyone who has a copy of the Vextractor v6.80 or v6.90 who would like to share it with us?

    I've got a portable version of v6.31 might be lacking a couple of improved features that the most recent versions have..

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