How tough can it be
I was give an LG LN790 as a gift several years ago - it was a high end gps retailing for around $500. However, the maps were a couple of years out of date on it, and it was different than the rest of the LG gps line in that it actually required a firmware (physical plugin) update, and they had no updates at the time. When they did finally have an upgrade, it was $99 and was again quite out of date - they said that it had to be custom written for them by NavTeq I believe.

Anyways, I would have thought / hoped that there would be a way that somebody has discovered to port maps from one brand of gps to another, e.g. I could buy a Garmin map update and port it to my device somehow. Of course, burning it to a firmware chip would be another challenge.

Anybody heard of such a possibility?

Moral of the story: stick with a gps supplier that has some history, and don't trust LG to support its minor product lines.