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    Member + Magellan is the Blackberry of the gps world?Magellan is the Blackberry of the gps world?
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    Default Magellan is the Blackberry of the gps world?

    a friend asked if i could help with maps again since i once owned the model he still has. I had directroute v1 and i remember getting a update patch that made it work with XP and that model GPS. from there, i was able to make a bunch of tiny map images that worked on it. Rather than try to hunt down my discs which could be anywhere by now, i decide to look around online for anything i could get from projects like ibycus or whatever. NOTHING! All i could find were online forum posts mostly from 7 or 8 years ago. And what i did find were all referenced the same software and versions that i used back then. All the blogs and help i ran into were written around the same years. ...then it occurred to me that there isn't a section here for magellan and the same at *********. I didn't think they were that dead but i guess they are.

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    We never had interest for Magellan receivers, so we never thought to create a dedicated section on forum.
    You have to navigate to get to the good.

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