Navitel Navigator v3.1.2.4915

Navitel Navigator v3.1.2.4915

GPS-receivers: support for NMEA-0183, SiRF binary and Garmin; external module can be connected through the serial port, USB, BlueTooth, as well as CompactFlash, SDIO. Maps are stored in compact vector NTM proprietory format, using minimal space.


Main satellite navigation functions:
coordinates of current location;
ETA, heading and distance towards the destination point;
speed and movement direction, altitude above the sea level;
exact time and date;
sunrise and sunset;
...and much more!
The software is optimized for PDA display:
Fast zooming and map browsing.
Automatic transition through several maps.
Choice for map display - track up, or North up.
Floating help balloons.
Several map objects search methods available:
Nearest places within a set range.
Cities and objects within cities (by type and by name). By post address.
Navigation functions (available with a GPS only):
Automatic routing with voice prompts.
Speed and heading.
Coordinates (latitude and longitude, altitude above sea level).
Automatic time-zone detection.
Trip computer: distance passed, time spent, speed, and other.
Track recording, waypoints.
Heading towards the destination point, and ETA.
Information on GPS satellites' status.
Simple, yet functional, customizable interface:
Option to operate the program without the stylus pen (big buttons on the touch screen, very useful for drivers), as well as with the stylus through a classic Pocket PC menu screen.
Day and night map views.
English language interface (also available in Russian, German and Portuguese)
Voice prompts.
Automatic detection of GPS module's protocol and COM-port.

Very interesting programm especially because of the coverage of eastern europe. It seems to work. Here is how to install:

- Unpack rar file
- In folder ***** there is a .cab file of a application called MultyDIDS
- Install this cab first to ppc
- Copy ID.txt file to the MultyDIDS installation folder of your ppc
- Start MultyDID from programms. from menu buttom, right under corner choose "watch"
- Minimise MultyDID, take care is working on the background

Open ID.txt file and copy the key

Start Navitel
- Promt asks that procces(navitel) is trying to get device id.
- Press ok

Then you see [original device ID] regime.
On the right under corner bij menu, choose import

- In the space device ID paste the key you copied from ID.txt file
- In the space name put your owner ID of your ppc

Creates a new regime with your owners name. Choose it
Navitel starts without telling that you are in demo mode

I think you are done. But indeed is only in Russian language.
And it seems that it reads only "atlases" and not separate map files with extention .ntm or nm2.
Anybody has an idea about maps?
I understand some russian but it would be usefull if somebody can share english language files for this release...
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