"Hello Members"
If you are a ZERO poster your account is now in jeopardy AS this is my second and last WARNING about being an Active member.
This was my first Notification of Zero Posters.
Have a read here:
**Warning ALL Members**
So if you have read it you seriously have a problem.
If your an OLD member you need to post, in fact ALL ZERO posters NEW and OLD need to post here:
Under Global rules #4 you needed to do this BUT seems you didn't read the Rules of this Forum and just carried on as you wished, but not so.
Forum Global Rules
Then read the extras:
As the previous Admin has retired and was left to me to do the Duty I have given fair WARNING as to the first link and am a Friendly Admin, but seems you don't read announcements am Sorry but you have no recall.

So now what do you do before you are left Knocking at the front door LIKE some.
So members that where total Banned from my list have been restored and made Junior Members.
That is Temporary till the system sees you as INACTIVE.
That is the same as any other member that sees there Membership has changed ?
DO YOU LIKE IT well same again it won't last long.
The way you solve this is to start and post here:

Member that have been Bulk activated "Zero Posters" Also need to post here:

Those Members that have been Activated by the Request Thread are Activate like ALL the others and need to also post here:

If you are using this site for JUST PM you are under review as far as I see you are hiding from view as a possible other illegal activity.

You are in this Group of Members and that I have listed WILL be acted upon:
I have a list of this and you will be marked off as you post"
That list is:
Zero Posters Status:
Inactive members: 5124
Registered Members: 5535
New & Verified Members: 27434
If you do not act in about 2 weeks the 31st of October your accounts will be removed from the System.
Be aware I know when you reapply as a new member so if you do follow the rules and you will be fine.
Happy file Hunting.

Oh my next hunt is Duplicated accounts that you may of done, to possibly BOOST your likes etc.
If you have notify me of your multiple accounts, if you don't and I will find them both accounts will be removed totally.