Hi to all!

I have a MIO 6970LM Truck, with a "no TMC unlock". I use generally the original software, and it runs very well.

Yesterday, I found in my bag the gps open, with the "sifrtech" program active. I tried to close it, but I don't know what I did, receiveng a lot of numbers and errors!

So, the TMC is not working anymore (and also the gps signal is not good), telling me "there is no TMC in your area". I'm in Italy, and the problem is sure related to the sirftech, that I don't know to use.

So, please, there is a way to set back the gps navigation, having again my TMC working well? Is it possible to restore the original settings of the gps? I also tryed an hard reset with a program in my unlock, but I had no results.

I need your help, please! Thank you very much.