Hi to All,

I already introduced myself in appropriate section and searched the forum for solutions. Now, I have some asking for help questions about my Mio Moov S505.

1. Can I unlock my device, and which program should I use...? ( tried [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] but unfortunately link for Mio S Series doesn't exist anymore, and I also tried many other solutions on the internet, even Mio Unlocker App can't find my device even it is conected to PC...).

2. What is the solution for updating maps on this model with his own original software on it ( without unlocking, for a start ) ? .cpf and .lic extensions

Important thing, maybe my windows 10 making problems with conection with unlocking programs, because it reads it like F: Mio Device, I don't know how it should be anyway...

Thanks in advance for my helper