hi all
here are the geo tag images which help full for navigation just by selecting the photo, these pictures are clicked by turning gps-on in the mobile phone, so i got coordinates of latitude and longitude
tested by keeping PICTURES in photos folder in MMIBE folder worked fine
before keeping the images
steps to follow:-
1)Check coordinates:- go to image properties & in the details we should get the images gps data longitude and latitude if so proceed to next step
2)Reducing the size of image- reduce the size of the image for faster operation in wince 6 device
open image in ms paint and pressing ctrl+w which gives re size, in it changing 100% to 10% both horizontal and vertical and saving the reduced images
here images from m.b size has been reduced to k.b of size
3):- Testing:- test the image in this website whether it is showing the coordinates correctly or not
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the pictures are taken by us own so we know the actual location
here we can justify whether the image showing its location correctly or not . if image showing correct location then upload the images here in this thread

it will be very helpfull for all users as the users upload images which they know well
so every user can get gps tag images and navigate easily when ever they visit to such near-by locations

here am uploading 10 geo tag images
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copy a.p images and paste in andhrapradesh folder and karnataka images to karnataka folder in photos folder in MMIBE
and check in menu Giopix images
i will post geo pix images when ever i visit new location
expecting same from all the users
so please post the geopix images
thanks to all