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    Default DNX9260BT: Wrong date & time

    Hello dear Kenwood-Garmin community.

    I have a DNX9260BT, which started to behave strangely recently: It stopped getting automatically the correct date (and thus also time) via GPS. For example Instead of 7th Aug 2020 the date is 22nd Dec 2000. UTC time is correct, but since the date is wrong, the DST offset does not get applied and time is off by one hour. Most annoyingly though, is that day and night mode of the display does not switch correctly, due to the wrong date.

    Has anyone else already seen this behavoiur? Any clues or hints on what to try, how to troubleshoot this issue?

    Thanks for your replies, your help will be very much appreciated!

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    You have been impacted by GPS week rollover in April 2019. Most Garmin devices were ready, however if the unit is impacted then dates started again at the same start date as the previous epoch at August 1999...which would put your date now as December 2000. If you are lucky there may be a firmware update that will fix it, the latest Navigation firmware I can see listed is 4.31.

    Edit: Just found this, unfortunately you might be out of luck: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
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