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    Question Speedcam_category descriptions explained

    Hello there,
    I'm trying to write myself a speedcam.txt custom file filled with points related to my country.

    I'm going to get all them from different CSV files to a unique speedcam.txt but I don't know how to fit cameras, bus lanes, limited area access, schools and other things because I don't know the correct category type number.
    Anyone may help?

    More, how do I should edit the sys.txt file in order to get some of the categories spoken or alerted by a sound?


    I've extracted a copy of data.zip then I've found inside igo9.ini with this content

    Spoiler: Speedcams content
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    Is it correct? Should I use this content inside sys.ini and speedcam.txt ?
    May I have speedcam_1.txt 2 3 4 5 ..... ? Or only one file .txt ?
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    Important User Speedcam_category descriptions explained
    Speedcam_category descriptions explainedSpeedcam_category descriptions explainedSpeedcam_category descriptions explainedSpeedcam_category descriptions explained
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    You can correlate the speedcam_category with the description from activated_speech to get which alert has which type value, but
    Spoiler: .

    If you are not using any skin or branding that overwrite the information in data.zip, then you do not need to copy it to sys.txt
    You can verified this easily by running proggy without any skin* and alerts should work. Then with a skin and alerts doesn't work, you can put in sys.txt and alerts should again work.

    * Note that skin do not need to be .zip, they can also be unzipped so care should be taken to remove those directories/files as well
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    Quote Originally Posted by maraka View Post
    Hello there,
    I'm trying to write myself a speedcam.txt custom file filled with points related to my country.
    all rest you wrote is for how to alert you ! (in sys.txt)

    You dont need to modify any file!

    in [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    post 12 is wrote:

    X,Y,TYPE,SPEED,DIRTYPE,DIRECTION ;this is firs line of speedcam_any.txt
    16.0555999,45.8176956,1,10,0,0 ; hera and down are wrote coordinates , type of camera, speed limit, direction



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