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    autovelox Various Non-Standard Speed/Alert Data

    These files are compatible with the Modified Speedcam/Alert UX at [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Spoiler: Download Data Files

    Spoiler: Show List
    SpeedCam_1.txt - Full Europe Fixed Speed Cameras (04/04/2014)
    SpeedCam_2.txt - Full Europe Red/Speed Cameras (04/04/2014)
    SpeedCam_3.txt - Full Europe Red Light Cameras (04/04/2014)
    SpeedCam_4.txt - Average Speed Cameras (UK Only Last Update 02/2014)
    SpeedCam_5.txt - Mobile Speed Cameras (Full Europe Last Update 02/2014)
    SpeedCam_6.txt - Railway Crossings (UK Only - data provided by National Rail)
    SpeedCam_7.txt - Bus Lane Cameras (UK Only - data incomplete)
    SpeedCam_8.txt - Accident Blackspots (Worldwide Last Update 02/2014)
    SpeedCam_9.txt - School Zone (Worldwide Last Update 01/2014)
    SpeedCam_10.txt - Variable Speed Camera (Last Update 02/2014)
    SpeedCam_12.txt - Toll Booth (Full Europe Last Update 02/2014)
    SpeedCam_13.txt - Hospital Zone (UK Only Last Update 12/2013)
    SpeedCam_14.txt - Fire Station (UK Only Last Update 12/2013)
    SpeedCam_15.txt - Congestion Charge Zone (London UK Only Last Update 02/2014)
    SpeedCam_16.txt - Tunnel
    SpeedCam_17.txt - London Low Emission Zone (UK Only - Data Provided by TFL)
    SpeedCam_20.txt - Low Bridge (UK Only Last Update 12/2013)
    SpeedCam_21.txt - Width Restriction (UK Only Last Update 12/2013)
    SpeedCam_22.txt - Weight Restriction (UK Only Last Update 12/2013)
    SpeedCam_23.txt - Speed Bumps
    SpeedCam_25.txt - D2S Speed Camera (UK Only Last Update 12/2013)
    SpeedCam_26.txt - Electric Recharge Station (UK Only Last Update 12/2013)
    SpeedCam_27.txt - Dangerous Bend
    SpeedCam_28.txt - ADR Restriction (UK Only Last Update 12/2013)
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