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    IGO Primo 3 buttons in 1 ux

    3 Buttons in 1 UX for WinCe Primo 2.4

    3 of my buttons that I find quite useful

    place the whole 'morco_3_in_1.zip' in the UX folder

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    From the top

    Button 1 - Toggles Autozoom

    Button 2 - shortcut to ‘Avoid Road Ahead’.

    Extra function on button – When ‘off’ motorway the Avoidances icon is shown
    When ‘on’ a Motorway it shows the very next exit with a distance countdown.

    (avoid road ahead button functions whether on or off motorway)

    Button 3 - Motorway Routes on/ off ( ‘short’ press ON, ‘long’ press Off )

    Thanks to ‘drivegps’ for the idea of button 3

    I have kept the ux simple, so should anyone wish to incorporate it in to the skin they use, it should be quite straight forward to do.

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