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    WIN CE iGO UX - TTS alert warning signs (DA) for Primo 2.0, 2.4

    This UX Utility works independently of whatever skin you have but only on wince. Some skins have this facility built in so not required for them but if you have a basic skin and want extra options then this feature is for you.
    For WINCE only

    By adding this zip file to your ux folder you will get Inclusion, priority setting, test method and alert settings within the sound and warnings / TTS Pro section. If it is grayed out then you have either not got a TTS voice installed or you have not chosen a voice that is TTS. Once the language is active look in the content \ voice / Voice_TTS / i18n / dictionary. and edit the appropriate file and translate to your language similar to below.

    Spoiler: Show Text
    Soon = "Soon"
    and = "and"
    No overtaking = "No overtaking"
    End of no-overtaking zone = "End of no-overtaking zone"
    Extra lane for overtaking = "Extra lane for overtaking"
    Extra lane on the right for overtaking = "Starting the strip"
    Extra lane on the left for overtaking = "Starting the strip"
    Lane merge on the right = "End of the strip"
    Lane merge on the left = "End of the strip"
    Lane merge on the center = "End of the strip"
    Level crossing with barrier = "Railroad crossing with barrier"
    Level crossing without barrier = "Railroad crossing without barrier"
    Road narrows = "Road narrows"
    Left bend = "dangerous left turn"
    Right bend = "dangerous right turn"
    Double bend = "dangerous bend"
    No passing for trucks = "Overtaking trucks prohibited"
    End of no-passing for trucks zone = "End of prohibition of overtaking zones trucks"
    Steep hill upwards = "steep climb"
    Steep hill downwards = "Steep"
    Stop! = "Movement without stopping smoking"
    Cross-wind = "strong crosswind"
    Other dangers = "Other dangers"
    Risk of grounding = "Rough Road"
    Sharp curve = "Dangerous Corner"
    End of all restrictions = "End of all restrictions zone"
    Hill = "Hill"
    Wild animals = "Wild Animals"
    Ice danger = "Slippery road in the snow"
    Slippery road = "Slippery Road"
    Falling rocks = "Falling rocks"
    Children = "Children" Tram = "Crossing the tram line"
    Traffic jam = "Wort"
    Accident hazard = "Other dangers"
    Priority over oncoming vehicles = "The advantage over oncoming traffic"
    Priority to oncoming vehicles = "The advantage of oncoming traffic"
    Risk of grounding = "Rough Road"
    Caution Low trees. = "Low Trees" Cross roads = "Crossing the equivalent roads"
    Pedestrians = "Pedestrians"
    Give way = "Give way"
    Toll gate = "item of payment" Zone 25kph = "restricted zone of 25 km / h"
    Traffic light = "Traffic Light"
    Road narrows on left = "Narrowing the road to the left"
    Road narrows on right = "Narrowing the road to the right"
    Cattle crossing = "Cattle Crossing"
    Roundabout = "Turning Circle"
    Uneven road = "Rough Road"
    Crossroad with minor road = "intersection with the minor road"
    Junction with minor road from right = "Adjacency secondary road right"
    Junction with minor road from left = "Adjacency secondary road to the left"
    Bicycle = "Intersection with the bike path"
    Tunnel = "The entrance to the tunnel"
    Two-way traffic = "Two-way traffic"
    Low flying aircraft = "Low-flying aircraft"
    Soft shoulder = "Dangerous roadside"
    Loose gravel = "Loose gravel"
    No horn = "The beeping is prohibited"
    Minimum following distance = "Limitation of the minimum distance"
    Priority road = "main road"
    End of priority road = "End of main road"
    Road works = "Roadwork"
    Opening or swing bridge = "drawbridge"
    Quayside or river bank = "Check out the promenade"
    Winding road = "Winding Road"
    Serpentine to the left = "Tortuous left"
    Serpentine to the right = "tortuous turn to the right"
    No uturn = "Turn denied"
    Parking area = "Parking"

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    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

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    GPSPower Helper iGO UX - TTS alert warning signs (DA) for Primo 2.0, 2.4
    iGO UX - TTS alert warning signs (DA) for Primo 2.0, 2.4
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    For android is [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    Also, tts_by_wiman_ver.5.6_ari_mod
    Spoiler: link
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

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    Important User iGO UX - TTS alert warning signs (DA) for Primo 2.0, 2.4
    iGO UX - TTS alert warning signs (DA) for Primo 2.0, 2.4iGO UX - TTS alert warning signs (DA) for Primo 2.0, 2.4
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    Hi Guys

    The new version of TTS WIMAN

    copy without unpacking the folder iGO \ ux \
    NOTE: Android

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    regards wojpen

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