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iGo Primo

How to create your own poi icon and replace it with an existing one in branding.zip

Note: This guide applies to 800x480 branding resolution. Other resolutions have different icon sizes and the process looks identical, only the icon sizes are different.

You need: DView-1.1.3_win-070119,
WinRar 3.93
Graphics program

I will present this based on the substitution of the poi Mc Donald's icon.

Every day I use branding from Stefando (thanks a lot, great work). In this branding, each poi icon is created separately for each brand. This guide applies ONLY TO SUCH BRANDING. If branding is made up of many icons in one bmp file this way will not work.

I. Creating your own icon or rather bmp graphic (bitmap)

1. Download the public logo of the brand that you want to replace (in this case Mc Donald's) from google, opera etc.

2. Open downloaded graphics in a graphics program (I use Paint.net) but it can be any program that allows you to prepare graphics (editing + resizing)

3. Make the graphics as they are to be displayed on the iGo screen

4. After making the graphic, change its size to exactly 60 x 71 pixels

5. Save the created graphics as e.g. Mc Donald's color big

6. Save the same graphics a second time in the same size but in shades of gray as e.g. Mc Donald's NA

7. Open the first Mc Donald's color big icon and change its size to 26 x 31 pixels. Save as Mc Donald's small

II.Conversion to a NNG Bitmap file.

We've created icons. However, iGo does not support them. They should be converted. We use DView for this purpose.

We open DView


We indicate the first of our files

in OUTPUT FORMAT, select NNG Bitmap and save

We do the same with the other two files.

In this way, we created icons that iGo can use while working.

III. Replacement in Branding.zip

Make a copy of it before working with branding and keep it just in case.

1. We open Branding.zip (we do not unpack, we just open)

2. We open "ui_android"

3. We open "800x480"

4. Now we can see an alphabetical list of icons. We are preparing the Mc Donald's Icon. For Stefando branding, it has the name "FastFood_McDonald's"

5. We give this name to our new Mc Donald's color big conversion icon.

6. We find the next icon on the list in branding.zip called FastFood_NA_McDonald's and we give the same name to our icon in gray colors

7. Similarly, we proceed to the third icon. We are found on the FastFood_Small_McDonald's list and we give this name to our icon of smaller sizes.

We have ready icons to use

In the folder branding.zip/ ui_android / 800x480 we remove all three of the previously mentioned Mc Donald's files and in their place using the move and drop method we put three our icons. We're closing. Ready.

Attention . Before working on branding.zip, first create a copy in a safe place.
We do not unpack this folder and work only on the open.

The whole seems complicated but it is not. It's worth trying and decorating your iGo according to your own taste and graphic creativity.


Sorry for my English. Google translator.