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    Guide Tuto Make Animated BMP for iGO Step by Step

    This is a topic that has been discussed several times on the site, in this Tuto I will try to make an accessible summary for the majority of members I hope.

    To have an animated image in iGO you need two files in the folder:
    ux.zip \ ui.nextgen \ res \ common or the_brigth orthe_dark \ ...
    Both files must have the same name in my case: my_flag.bmp and my_flag.spr

    Adobe Illustrator preferably latest version (Mine is too awake .... but it is enough): to add the different images and convert to PNG.

    Dview: Now no longer present Thank you Djeman to convert to BMP
    Notepad ++: to edit the .spr file

    Images: must be strictly the same size Width = w and Height = h

    Objective: To make an animated sequence made of ten images (I insist on the same size h and w)

    Realization: Step by Step:

    Open Adobe Illustrator: File / New
    Name your sequence: my_flag
    Enter the Width = w equal to the width of one image
    Enter the Height = 10 X h to be able to incerate the ten supersposed images
    Click: OK we get an empty layer

    Spoiler: GIF 1
    ezgif.com crop75cb00a57d22065c

    I take the images: one by one by Right click and Copy And in Adobe Illustrator Edit / Paste and then moving them by Drage-Removal with the efffect axial magnet they will be superimposed without problem.

    Spoiler: GIF 2
    ezgif.com crop1

    Do not forget to save all your work as you go
    At the end you get a file: my_flag.ai you have to export it to PNG

    Open Dview: File / Open my _flag.png
    Edit / Convert By Lot / Add File by Drag / Paste
    Output Format: NNG Bitmap (* .bmp) / OK
    At the end we can resize the image: Edit / Resize in this case be careful you have to consider (New h) for the file.spr

    Spoiler: GIF 3
    ezgif.com crop21c38e305be3cf94b

    The .spr file must have exactly the same name as the .bmp file: in my case: my_flag.spr
    We can edit it with NotePad ++ and we get:

    BmpFlags = 0
    DefPhase = 0
    STRIPES = 244
    Animation = "flag", 30, "A", "ABCDEFGHIJ"
    Each image of the sequence is assigned an alphabetical letter: ABCDEFGHIJ (so for 10 frames on 10 alphabetic letters).

    STRIPES = 244 ==> h = Height of one frame (Attention to take into account if you redimmentionned the image)
    DefAlpha = xx ==> Play on the transparency of the icon display
    Animation = "flag", ==> flag: will be used when calling this image in the code
    Animation = -, 30, ==> 30 = 30 tenths of seconds Delay between two frames
    Animation = -, -, "A" ==> Beginning of the animation by the image corresponds to the letter A
    Animation = -, -, "A", "ABCDEFGHIJ", ==> Sequence of passage of the images: in my case it is in the normal alphabetical order.

    To blink an image: we put in the BMP, the base image and for the second image, a transparent background. And the animation on two images.

    This same method is used to prepare Speedcams BMPs.

    Here is the result of the image embedded in a UX

    Spoiler: GIF 4

    This tutorial is long probably requires other points to clarify I count on your participation.

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