iGO_PAL v9.18.27.719974 Mega 4Skin

(Google translate English) from russian forum 4pda

Build the good old version of IGO Palestine. There is nothing new.
For standard devices Android 6+
4 skins complete with skin changer.
Russian / English / German languages ​​translation and voice acting.
Remove the iGO_PAL folder from the multi-volume archive and copy it to the root of the device’s internal memory.
In the install folder there is a file iGO_PAL_9.18.27.719974_SendSMS_ExtApp.apk - start installation.
After a successful installation, start the installation of the following file - Skinchange_2.0.5-release.apk
Run the installed skin changer and go into its settings (wrench)
Enter the path to the iGO folder - / storage / emulated / 0 / iGO_PAL
Check "Close ... and Run ..."
In the last gray field, click and select the package name - com.nng.igo.primong.palestine (last)
At the top right of the folder path, click "OK"
If “Successfully saved!” Appears - everything is good.
When you return to the main window, a selection of skins will appear.
Add the required content, launch and use!
It is recommended to start and pre-configure each skin without content as it is.
Only then add cards and the rest.
When you select the last, 5th skin of Other, the completely naked iGO_NextGen is launched. It can lead you to an understanding of what the skin-creators did in the end result, both in appearance and in functionality.
You can add your own there ...
Additional information on the skin changer - Skins for IGO Primo NextGen [Android OS] and [WinCE]
Additional or optional components in the ux_additionally folder, in folders by skin.

info: screen:
Spoiler: screen


iGO_PAL v9.18.27.719974 Mega 4Skin
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iGO_PAL v9.18.27.719974 Arimi
Absolutely budget assembly only with Arimi skin, no frills.
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Big Thanks Arimi UX,ux_garigor,ux_vicewandel, ux_pongo,and all