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    Default How to enlarge data fields, how do I do that ......?

    Hello I have this navigation on my Android car radio (see photo) has a resolution of 1024x600, but the screens showing time remaining and top left next turn are very small, can I change that to make it bigger? How do I do that?
    Spoiler: images
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    In "sys.txt" you add or edit if you have

    dpi=120; or 160; 240; 320; 480; 640; car
    ; optional:

    You can also use android settings instead if you have "dpi=auto"
    You enter the phone settings / display / zoom and font / zoom screen.

    If you increase the dpi, the visibility of the map will decrease. Less map will be displayed on the screen.
    I don't know how to increase the map distance yet. In the settings I have dismissed.

    I have a resolution of 2048x1536 Samsung tab S2

    Photo before and after enlargement
    In the link instructions on how to change in "sys" to toutube (not my channel)

    Translated by Google from PL to EN
    Spoiler: YT video

    Spoiler: LARGE images
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    Topic about extra-zooming data fields
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