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    Important User What's required to get help.
    What's required to get help.What's required to get help.What's required to get help.
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    danger What's required to get help.

    In order for us to help you with your problem you must give at least the following info

    1. WinCE, Android, Windows, iOS, etc.. and version of the OS
    Ex: WinCE 6.0, Android 4.4.2, WinXPSP3

    2. Device resolution and RAM (not storage/SD memory)
    Ex: 480x272 64MB, hdpi 1GB, 1024x768 512MB

    3. Proggy type: iGO8, Primo, NextGen, etc... and version/date
    Ex: NextGen Gift(26Jan2017)

    4. Skin used: none, Arimi, Pongo, etc... and version
    Ex: diMkaWA_aP133_Modern, Pongo(19Dec2016)

    5. Location of your installation (for android also specified on internal or external SD)
    Ex: iGO\, internal:iGO_Avic\, external:iGO_Basarsoft\

    The following info would help in debugging

    1. Copy of sys.txt (copy/paste or attached it)
    2. List of .zip files under ux directory (screenshot of it is fine)
    3. Language and Voice (indicates TTS or non-TTS) file used: content\lang\Lang_US.zip, TTS content\voice\Voice_US_Female.zip
    4. List of files under licence directory (remember NextGen uses only .lyc while non-NextGen uses only .lic files)
    5. You could also zipped up entire install directory (without the maps,poi,building,dem files because those are large and often not needed) and upload it to zippyshare.com If it's too large (over 100MB), at mimimal, you need to zipped up .apk, .exe, .dll, data.zip and ux\ (or content\skin) directory
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    Do not PM me with questions. That's what a forum is for.

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    iGO Moderator What's required to get help.
    What's required to get help.
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    I.e., users first have to read Announcement, concretely [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    what almost no one do that.
    NO ONE IS A SEER, READ: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Many questions become very arduous, a lot of time chewed deja vu...Since we have lost all the year of work and effort, many people have no will to answer the same questions again. Me neither. Use a search, please.



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