Need more help,
As I mentioned, the tunnel's view works fine , the software works fine and doesn't crushing.
A new problem occurs is that two tunnels separated ,between the tunnel and the second tunnel about 400 meters to both directions , south and north that have two tunnels in each direction.
In the second tunnel, two cameras were added to the speedcam file, and I don't receives a voice alert.
What happens in the second tunnel in both directions is that a tunnel display is coming out earlier than expected and the indicator is stuck until the satellite returns and then it continues to navigate as usual, so then I can realise that I do not recieve a sound warning on the cameras in the tunnel because it's stucked (I have voice and visual alerts on all the other cameras).
1. Why there's no warning sound on the cameras inside the second tunnel and how can I fix it?
2. Why the display in the second tunnel coming out earlier than expected and the navigation's indicator stuck until the identify of a satellite?
hope to solve it asap