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Thread: iGO 8

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    Default iGO 8

    Hallo! I downloaded from internet igo8 and it runs on my device perfect. Now I wanted to test it on a zenec device, but it doesnt start. Its not an issue with the resolution. I read somewhere that there are problems with igo on zenec devices, is it true? Do I need a special version for this model?

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    I am not aware of problems with Zenec devices. But who am I?

    The issue you are facing looks more to me like a simple resolution issue.

    Two issues here:

    1. data.zip must support the resolution (which one? 800*480?) so does it?
    The resolution files are in data.zip and most common is 480*272. Thus what you need is a data.zip with a resolution file that supports the Zenec's. Many programs have multiresolution data.zip, including the one you probably need (800*480?). Possibly yours is uni resolution, 480*272.
    You can open data.zip and see what resolution folders are in there and if the one you need is in it. If not, you can look for multires IGO or you could say what IGO you have now and someone can upload a suited data.zip.

    2. your set up is wrong.
    Thus data.zip holds the resolution and your Zenec does not start. Indeed one of the first things IGO does on startup (besides checking license) is checking the resolution. Now you should delete the save folder and see if sys.txt holds the correct resolution lines. Then IGO should start.



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