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    The thing is those files are pretty big 1.6 GB both HNR and HSP together, which means it contains a lot of data. Funny thing not enough info online about it. Nothing in detail. 1.6 GB is not irrelevant so it should be useful but as @osiris4isis said no much difference. Hope some of those truck drivers will share his/her experience about it.
    NOTICE: By no means I advise installing illegal software nor I support such actions. This is just for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES. Please use my post in order to understand or learn something new. I am a proud owner of LICENSED NAVIGATION but just to satisfy my curiosity I test, read and research. Sharing illegal material is against the law.

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    Never looked closer to the size of the files. These days storage is cheap so does it really matter? Devices (esp smartphones) have decent processors and calculate quick as well.

    On my hard disk Ifound a file in the latest HERE 2015Q3 :"1--read-me--HERE-Navteq HERE ,hsp.txt"

    Files in directory \content\histspeed:
    *.HSP - average data for the congestion on the roads in different days of week and time of day. Helps in calculating the route to avoid potential congestion. Do not be confused with TMC (he is in real time)!
    This is similar to the explanation on the NNG website:

    Smart Routes
    • Chooses the best route based on day of week and time of day
    • Considers past speed patterns
    • Utilizes
      • Traffic patterns (Navteq)
      • Speed Profiles (Tele Atlas)

    • The additional info is in separate content files (.HSP and .FSP)

    The SW feature is included in the base product, but requires additional content and content license.

    Note that HSP files have the same function as the FSP files and therefore should not be used simultaneously!

    I did not find the equivalent page about HNR files.
    AFAIK the HNR provide Primo with a collection of standard pre-defined and pre-compiled routes. The purpose of that is to make it quicker for Primo to work out total routes and execute them, because it doesn't have to compile them each time you set up a total route and follow it. You will still have the complete facility to set up routes and navigate, as you would normally. Keeping this in mind, I do not think the HNR files are really necessary, although calculating longer routes will take some time. But as speedy processors are more common .... ?

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    * All from memory so quite likely to be incorrect*


    I remember when Igo first started to use HSP files it had its problems.

    On a congested but flowing motorway it would direct you off at the next slip road exit and then bring you back on to the motorway at the very same junction ( a distance of 500 yards). This would sometimes happen at every junction.

    Fortunately it has improved a lot since then.

    Using HSP files definitely updated your route automatically. I remember driving a long route passing close to a number of cities.

    Setting off at rush hour my route avoided most of the congested roads along the way. As I progressed and rush hour passed, Primo periodically recalculated my route and started using the roads that would of been previously congested.


    As I think already stated by Buffen TMC pro is available in Germany though I think other premium services in other countries sometimes get referred to as TMC pro.

    I think In Germany TMC is free but TMC pro is a paid for service both is transmitted on the same Frequency.

    Here in the UK we have 2 licence fee services, ITTS & TRAFFIC MASTER as with a lot of countries this "one off" licence fee is paid for by the Sat nav manufacturers or the software companies like IGO.

    ITTS (now owned by INRIX) and TRAFFICMASTER are broadcast on different frequencies and by different radio stations. TRAFFICMASTER, I find, has a better radio coverage of the UK and I always seem to get more traffic events.

    Fortunately Primo is capable of receiving from both providers simultaneously.


    As stated already in this thread, HNR files were more of a benefit when we owned less powerful devices and would calculate and re calculate a route across Europe more quickly.

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    Im a bus driver..nit long...
    I have seen as people are saying..tms reporting trafic up ahead..and when you come to that..nothing. While on Here We Go app...I see no traffic jams..
    Igo should do some work on their info about trafic..
    I think the old info of traffic jams doent get cleared as fast as it should

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    Historical traffic shown as color lines on the map. That is my problem and I don't want it. See IMAGE. Also in the nornal navigation screen.

    I haven no hnr files, no hsp files but ...
    I do have fsp files. Renaming them does not change anything.
    Turning off my GJAK skin does not change anything.
    Together with temp. renaming the save folder did not change anuything.

    I found out that it shows only in 2D which I always use. 3D even "made flat" looks disturbed and is somewhat slower on my phone.

    Long time searching in this forum did not bring a solution.

    So .. any suggestions?
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    should we put the files in the same .map folder of in an separately .hnr folder as the same for the hitspeed files

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    Global Moderator HNR - HSP - TMC - TMC PRO - With or without it???
    HNR - HSP - TMC - TMC PRO - With or without it???
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