Where is the historical traffic color scheme for IGO? My map is gray and the roads are purple making it very hard to see traffic (it shows up as white clumps). I've tried changing the day time scheme to no avail. At night the traffic shows up with some variance but still doesn't follow the color guide at the bottom right.

Also #2... how can I disable the stupid zoom into intersection feature. I cannot use automatic overview as it will zoom on every offramp on the freeway. If I turn off overview I have to use freeways like local roads instead of the big picture. I've tried the setting in sys.txt but it doesn't disable.

#3 Any way to add more street balloons in 3d? I don't always follow the path or just leave the map running to get a jump on upcoming streets. On WinCE and igo8 I was able to add have enough labels for almost every street by default. Here I get 5-8 of them and they are all 500m away from me at which point I can read the real sign. I need the street I'm looking for 2-4 blocks down to be visible so I can make lane changes/etc....

#4 OpenGL drawing is not working. It starts but the screen is black, can still touch and hear sound, I have a mali gles2.0 gpu so it should work, instead I get errors like:

iGO:OpenGL videomemorymanager.cpp: OpenGL: Cannot create 2048*8 texture
I/navngo ( 2871): 20:57:53 iGO:OpenGL surface_gles.cpp: SURFACE_GLES::CreateEglContext start
E/navngo ( 2871): 20:57:53 MapView:OpenGL_CreateBuffers: should not be called
E/navngo ( 2871): 20:57:53 iGO:OpenGL surface_gles.cpp: SURFACE_GLES::CreateEglContext failed

Whenever I load a a skin with memory manager it can't see actual ram size either, everything is 0... maybe related?

I'm sorry to ask but I've searched here and on foreign language forums with no success. Maybe its time to decompile IGO and pull the entire sys.txt options like some have done in the past.

My Sys as it is (without GL enabled).

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