Hey guys,

Thought I might ask here and see if anyone has any ideas/suggestions. I've got an Audiosources DNS810 ( [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] ) unit, long story short, Audiosources have been battling with software issues/bugs for about a year now, but anyways. The major issue we're having is when iGo Primo is running, the unit lags down. Everyone that has a unit is seeing the same issues, running various versions of iGo Primo 2/2.4 etc. I have tried various versions of Primo 9.2, 9.6 and 9.8, and all show the same issues.

What happens is that as soon as iGo Primo is running, all the other unit functions start to be very laggy/run slow. It will lag really badly trying to change the volume/change tracks (especially when playing back music on an SD card or USB), or basically try and do anything with the unit while iGo is running. We also get issues with monsun.exe crashes, but only occasionally (with SD/USB playback). As soon as the iGo is minimized/sent to the background (ie press the nav button, igo still running in the background but unit menus focused - which in itself lags and takes ~30 seconds to happen), all functions will work normally/no lag at all. It seems to be purely around iGo, since others have reported that other GPS apps (like Sygic) work fine with no lag. Audiosources originally claimed it was an issue where WinCE was only using 1 of the CPU cores, but that seems to be fixed now. iGo itself runs really fast/smooth and all works (as it should, being a dual core arm a9 chip with 512mb of ram), so no issues there, but there is just lag with the other unit functions. It's just strange that it only happens with iGo, and only happens when the screen is focused. I have also tried iGo8.3.5, which works perfectly with no lag, however it is pretty ugly and not very user friendly, would much prefer to use Primo.

According to resinfo, the DNS810 WinCE partition can see about ~200mb of memory, and has about ~100mb free. CPU usage spikes to 100% when you skip tracks (SD&FLAC). Have given Primo 9.8 a try lately, completely stripped back to bare essentials (ie no TTS/building/3d/DEM files etc etc, just the primo.exe, maps and license files), seems to be a bit faster when changing volumes/skipping tracks, but as soon as you start a route (ie i'm simulating a 1000km route, it bogs down and you get lag. Stop the simulation and it goes back to responsive again. Same with any other version of stripped back primo i've tried (2.0/2.4 aka 9.6.5/9.6.13 etc). It seems like for whatever reason that when Primo is running a route/simulation, its using the entire CPU, so when you try and change a track its battling for resources and won't let the units WinCE partition use the CPU, so it just freezes until you either pause navigation or minimize it. Whether or not this is an issue with Primo being a resource hog, or the DNS's CPU (it should be a dual core 1.2ghz ARM processor, should have bucketloads of processing power), i'm not sure. It may still be an issue with the DNS not fully utilising the second core? I know that was an issue, but was under the impression that it was supposed to be fixed? I'm wondering whether there is a way to limit how much CPU Primo uses, say, make it only use a max of 80%, might make it a bit less responsive, but might give the unit some breathing room?

So anyways, I guess my question is, does anyone have any suggestions/ideas that might help? Is there, say, a 'lite' or cutdown version of iGo that we could try and run and see if it works? As I said, it works fine with any other wince GPS app, but I much prefer running iGo. Dunno what else to do. It could still be an Audiosources/CPU issue, but it's just strange that every other wince app works.

Thoughts/suggestions/ideas? Thanks all