It has been a couple of years, now, that I use several versions of IGO 8 & IGO PRIMO
The language I'm using is HB (Hebrew) both - Interface and drive voice guide.

As my hearing is low and I don't wear (yet) a Hearing-aid I once got a special made Hebrew voice file (don't know by whom) which was 30% louder that the original and which I always used to copy into the VOICE folder.

I installed today the new PRIMO version: and the enhanced voice file sounds very bad - hoarse and distorted (although louder than the original).

I'm sure the enhanced Loudness file does not fit the latest version, any more, although it worked fine (until yesterday) in my previous version: iGO Primo 2.0 (

My question:

How can I(!) take a good voice file and enhance its loudness by 25-30% ??

Thanks in advance for all good suggestions,