I have a problem with mi IGo 8 (ver. 8.0) and my HTC Touch HD ( ROM 1.13.401.0 20428 ITA and Touch FLO 3.0), Windows Mobile 6.1.
I often use it on a motorbike, so on those days I only need to hear the voice instructions sent to my helmet, I don't need on-screen indications.
I always have the PDA set on auto time off after 2 minutes, to save batteries, and I would like to have IGo8 set on "Smart Power Management", in order to have the backlight off when there is no turn coming. I used to have these two settings on my Asus A632N (WM 5.0) with IGo 2006, and it worked! I mean, the backlight was almost all the time off, except just before a turn indication, and I saved batteries.
Now, with the new PDA and the new IGo, if I set "Smart Power Management" on IGo, the PDA goes off after the 2 minutes, even if there is a running program (Igo).
The only way to have the PDA stay on, even if still set on auto time off after 2 minutes, is to set in IGo "Backlight always on", but in that case my batteries goes down very soon..
Did anyone have this problem? Maybe there is something to be changed in the windows registry?
Thank you very much