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    Post ABwerty Keyboard - FULL english_latin Panel

    ABwerty Keyboard - FULL english_latin Panel

    Under these llines (In the XML file):

    <panel name="english" type="alpha" set="latin">
    <user_param set_active="true"/>

    Add this code:

    PHP Code:
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    And you'll have it.

    Spoiler: Keyboards List
    Keyboards List

    Spoiler: Capital letters

    Spoiler: Shift letters
    ABwerty LL
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    Another sign to use. № .

    <key name="no" codegroup="№"/>

    Complete code for 123 symbols panel

    Spoiler: 123
    <key codegroup=""/>
    <key name="zero" codegroup="0"/>
    <key name="one" codegroup="1"/>
    <key name="two" codegroup="2"/>
    <key name="three" codegroup="3"/>
    <key name="four" codegroup="4"/>
    <key name="five" codegroup="5"/>
    <key name="six" codegroup="6"/>
    <key name="seven" codegroup="7"/>
    <key name="eight" codegroup="8"/>
    <key name="nine" codegroup="9"/>
    <key name="geo_deg" codegroup=""/>

    <key name="fslash" codegroup="/"/>
    <key name="dot" codegroup="."/>
    <key name="comma" codegroup=","/>
    <key name="acute" codegroup="'"/>
    <key name="hyphen" codegroup="-"/>
    <key name="lbracket" codegroup="("/>
    <key name="rbracket" codegroup=")"/>
    <key name="questionmark" codegroup="?"/>
    <key name="exclamationmark" codegroup="!"/>
    <key name="asterisk" codegroup="*"/>
    <key name="at" codegroup="@"/>
    <key name="and" codegroup="&"/>
    <key name="hash" codegroup="#"/>
    <key name="underscore" codegroup="_"/>
    <key name="dollar" codegroup="$"/>
    <key name="euro" codegroup=""/>
    <key name="no" codegroup="№"/>
    <key name="eur_dollar_yen_lir" codegroup="$"/>

    <key name="decimal" codegroup="."/>
    <key name="jpn" codegroup="ー"/>
    <key name="plus" codegroup="+"/>
    <key name="minus" codegroup="-"/>
    <key name="j33" codegroup="、"/>
    <key name="yen" codegroup="‎"/>
    <key name="j52" codegroup="。"/>
    <key name="tilde" codegroup="~"/>
    <key name="percent" codegroup="%"/>
    <key name="equal" codegroup="="/>
    <key name="less-than" codegroup="<"/>
    <key name="greater-than" codegroup=">"/>
    <key name="backslash" codegroup=""/>
    <key name="multiply" codegroup=""/>
    <key name="divide" codegroup=""/>
    <key name="empty" codegroup=" "/>
    <key name="lcrnbracket" codegroup="「"/>
    <key name="rcrnbracket" codegroup="」"/>
    <key name="linkfbracket" codegroup="【"/>
    <key name="rinkfbracket" codegroup="】"/>
    <key name="lsqbracket" codegroup="["/>
    <key name="rsqbracket" codegroup="]"/>
    <key name="reg" codegroup=""/>
    <key name="cos" codegroup=""/>
    <key name="tm" codegroup=""/>
    <key name="lira" codegroup=""/>
    <key name="up" codegroup="^"/>
    <layout name="alt" label="KEYPANEL~Alt">one,two,three,four,five,six,seven,eight,nine,zero,backslash,up,fslash,minus,equal,plus,dot,comma,acute,no,lbracket,rbracket,questionmark,exclamationmark,geo_deg,asterisk,at,and,hash,underscore,reg,cos,eur_dollar_yen_lir,equal,!2,lsqbracket,rsqbracket,less-than,greater-than,percent,tm,multiply,divide,tilde,!20</layout>

    Spoiler: 123
    Screenshot 20210120 133951

    Feel free to use it
    abc panel romanian
    Spoiler: romanian
    <set name="romanian">
    <key name="a" codegroup="aă">
    <key name="ă" codegroup="ă">
    <key name="" codegroup="">
    <key name="b" codegroup="b">
    <key name="c" codegroup="c">
    <key name="d" codegroup="d">
    <key name="e" codegroup="e">
    <key name="f" codegroup="f">
    <key name="g" codegroup="g">
    <key name="h" codegroup="h">
    <key name="i" codegroup="i">
    <key name="" codegroup="">
    <key name="j" codegroup="j">
    <key name="k" codegroup="k">
    <key name="l" codegroup="l">
    <key name="m" codegroup="m">
    <key name="n" codegroup="n">
    <key name="o" codegroup="o">
    <key name="p" codegroup="p">
    <key name="q" codegroup="q">
    <key name="r" codegroup="r">
    <key name="s" codegroup="s">
    <key name="ș" codegroup="ș">
    <key name="t" codegroup="t">
    <key name="ţ" codegroup="ţ">
    <key name="u" codegroup="u">
    <key name="v" codegroup="v">
    <key name="w" codegroup="w">
    <key name="x" codegroup="x">
    <key name="y" codegroup="y">
    <key name="z" codegroup="z">
    <panel name="romanian" type="alpha" set="romanian">
    <user_param set_active="true"/>
    <user_param has_extra_line="true"/>
    <layout name="romanian" label="KEYPANEL~Romanian">plus,one,two,three,four,five,six,seven,eight,nine,zero,fslash,q,w,e,r,t,y,u,i,o,p,a,s,ș,ţ,,d,f,g,h,j,k,l,!2,asterisk,z,x,c,v,b,n,m,hash,!20</layout>
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