Hi people,

An old friend has given me his gps device to get map updates but device won't stay connected to the pc.

Main reason it's battery is dead and will not charge.

I have tried searching on google on how to remove the battery on this particular navman device but no joy.

Does anyone here know how to get the battery out and what the battery specs are?

There is no information on NAVMAN website about the battery

Further info.
Navman EZY270LMT
Smart ST
Edition K
Build 7.60.0121 (2014.01.25T)



I found the way to get to the battery on that particular device, Firstly remove all 4 screws from the corner of the case and 2 screws adjacent the usb portal.

Carefully use a plastic curles tool to pry open the case.

Battery Specs
Li-ion 3.7V 72omAh 2.66Wh
BYD Company Limited

Now I know the specs of this battery, now try to find a new one.

The battery on this device is hard wired and not a plug type.