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    Default Birdseye Hack with CID changeable SD card

    If you have large Birdseye data locked for a GPS, and another GPS with no imagery,
    itís possible to use a CID changeable SD card to use the imagery with a second GPS unit.

    One reason to do this is because it takes a long time for Basecamp to lock existing imagery, and send to another GPS over itís slow USB.
    Basecamp does do this so long as the other GPS is also associated with a current Birdseye subscription (but it takes a long time).

    Open any of the Birdseye JNX files in a hex editor, and youíll find the product serial number of the GPS unit the imagery was locked to.
    This is four bytes length, and begins from the fifth byte into any of the Birdseye JNX files.

    if you read from the beginning of the file, it may look like this:
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    Where 0A,1B,2C,3D, is your product serial number.

    To write this with the CID register, to an SD card, reverse all four bytes to become:
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    It is this reversed order that can be converted from hex to decimal to become the product serial that is displayed in the GPS unitís About screen.
    For this made up example, that decimal number for product serial would be: 1026300682.
    Then slot the four bytes in that order into any typical CID register like this:
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    You can allow the CID changer program to calculate the checksum.
    This example pretends to be a Sandisk card, but it doesnít really matter.

    Now this SD card with Birdseye imagery could be used in any GPS unit that supports Birdseye imagery.
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