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    GPSPower Helper Unbrick Etrex 20 30  without Cure Fw
    Unbrick Etrex 20 30  without Cure Fw

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    Default Unbrick Etrex 20 30 without Cure Fw

    I have noticed a considerable number of locking in Etrex 30 and 20, with loss of USB access to internal memory. Most occur when an firwmare update is made. The natural output is through a firmware cure which implies steps that can be a bit complicated for laymen. But the most of these crashes can be easily resolved by reinstalling the original firmware.
    A quick and uncomplicated method can solve most of the problems of Etrex 20 30 (and possibly other models) locked and without USB connection: through the WebUpdater loaded in the pre-boot. Just get in pre-boot and load the WebUpdater, which automatically offer the option to install the firmware (even if the latest version is installed) to be downloaded directly from the Garmin website and properly installed. No additional step is necessary. The only difficulty for the user is to enter into pre-boot. So below I explain in detail how to pre-boot.

    1. Check that the batteries are 100% charged

    2. Enter in pre-boot mode as instructed below

    3. Load WebUpdater, click Next and wait for the identification of gps appear in Device and Next to reinstall the firmware. Wait for the download and the installation is complete. At the end of the process the GPS should enter into USB mode, when you can disconnect from computer and reboot normally.

    4. If not solve, you must install the cure and other procedures.
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Pre-boot Mode:

    Press and hold the stick of Joystick down (or any direction) and to note 1 CLICK only, which denotes the activation. Keeping the stick pressed in this position (without another click), press the Power button briefly to turn on GPS. Keep the joystick pressed for at least 10 seconds after turning on, even if not to appear anything on the screen. Under normal situation appears a white screen of the Diagnosis Page, but in more serious crashes situations should not show anything or just a frozen Garmin logo on the screen. Then release the joystick and connect the USB cable. At this time the GPS is energized and after a few seconds the screen should be brighter, or less dark if it is not showing the "logo" Garmin or something else. The USB will continue to not be recognized by Windows. Open the Garmin WebUpdater program, click Next, and the model of the GPS should appear in "Device" something like "Etrex 20 or 30 Version x.xx", indicating the firmware version that is installed on GPS. Click Next to the installation of firmware. Wait for the download and installation, which can take up to several minutes.
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    Garmin doesnt boot? Bricked device? Troubleshooting.
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