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    Default Defeat GMA Authentication Tutorials

    The following is a brief tutorial series I had drawn up before GPS Power was born. After realizing that the old posts did not transfer over to GPS Power due to being blog entries rather than a thread, I copied the information to a thread for use here.

    Part 1: Mapset Unlocker and Fast IMG Unlocker

    In attempting to install the 2012.10 maps on my device I encountered the GMA authentication error. I however read this thread late at night and it just didn't read right to me. It wasn't clear as to which way to go. In my reading of it, it appeared that using Map Reverse Converter and the Garmin Unlocker would remove GMA authentication. This apparently is not the case, if my experience with 2012.10 is any indicator.

    Now, why did I go through all the trouble? Why didn't I just wait for someone else to post their Mapsource files? Well, someone did post the Mapsource files, but I went through all this trouble because my current Nuvi has lifetime map updates and to me it was critical to be able to use the map set I downloaded from Garmin. This way I didn't have to rely on someone at Noeman GSM to post it. The only thing I have to wait for, and not very long for that matter, is the JCV file. This is because my download from Garmin doesn't include JCV files, being an "ordinary" 1300LM to them and not a model with Junction View, Lane Assist and the Speed Limit indicator (see tutorial [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]).

    My updated solution is below which eliminates the need to use the Jetmouse Keygen and strips out GMA authentication. With MapSource having been discontinued, this tutorial assumes use of BaseCamp, which as of 3.3.3 no longer includes MapInstall. Thus I have updated the tutorial and assume the reader is installing BaseCamp for the first time. The Tutorial also assumes the reader is using an unpatched Mapinstall, which limits transfers to the GPS or SD cards. There is a patch for MapInstall (see below) that removes this limitation.

    This post requires you to click the "LIKE this post" button and hit F5 to read this content.

    If the reader wishes to use MapSource instead of BaseCamp, they will need to replace the Install BaseCamp step above with the following:

    1. Download and extract the [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] package from Garmin to a directory on a hard drive using WinRAR.
    2. Install MapSource by running "MSmain.msi".

    • The links to the appropriate threads have been given rather than direct links to the files. Direct file links go dead on occasion, so linking to the appropriate threads is more useful.
    • The possibility exists that the first time MapSource is run after unlocking the maps it may not find them. To fix this, simply select "View" in MapSource, then "Select Map Set". The map set should appear in the list.

    • Catymag for reminding me of Mapset Unlocker back when this post was first made.
    • CWCS for discovering how to install MapSource without requiring a previous program.

    Part 2: Mapset Unlocker and Garmin Image Unlock

    Garmin Image Unlock is another tool for unlocking Garmin maps. Garmin Image Unlock is fast. In fact it's so fast that the reader may think the program didn't work. However, it has been proven to work and does so by unlocking the tiles that make an .IMG directly, instead of splitting an image, unlocking each tile, then joining all the tiles back together. In fact, unlike Fast IMG Unlocker, Garmin Image Unlock can unlock the file directly on the GPS itself, because it takes no extra disk space to function.

    To unlock maps using Mapset Unlocker and Garmin Image Unlock:

    This post requires you to click the "LIKE this post" button and hit F5 to read this content.

    As of version 3.3.3, BaseCamp no longer includes MapInstall, thus this step-by-step has been updated to reflect this change and assumes the reader is installing BaseCamp for the first time. This step-by-step also eliminates the need for the MapInstall patch that allows map transfers to any drive, not just the GPS or its SD/MicroSD card. If the reader wishes to use said patch, it may be downloaded from the appropriate link.
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

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    Vip Master Defeat GMA Authentication Tutorials
    Defeat GMA Authentication TutorialsDefeat GMA Authentication Tutorials
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    Great tutorial!
    Since most of us do not perform theese task on an everyday basis tutorials save a lot of time, thanks.
    One thing that might be added is the excellent patch for large windows in mapinstall [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    Computer screens can not be too large in my opinion, I would like to have a setup with four 100" high res screens when working with maps



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