Diagnostic utility first page displays internal memory maps

Nuvi internal (diagnostic utility) OS map naming

1. PROM1 = gmapprom.img
2. PROM2 = gmapprom1.img
3. Suppmap1 = gmapsupp.img (nuvi drive only)
4. Suppmap = gmapsupp.img (SD Card drive only)
5. Dir DB = gmapoem.img (OEM POI data map)
6. Basemap = gmapbmap.img
7. TZMap = gmaptz.img
8. 3DMap 1 = gmap3d.img
9. 3DMap 2 = gmap3d1.img

sd maps should be in second page

In zumo:
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Here is the inventory:
these are the file names:

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The big surprise is the gmapsup1, which works only in the SD card.

Hint for others doing this kind of research: you can see at a glance in the folder which files have been recognised and which haven't. The unit creates .sum files for each recognised file.