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    ☼ADMIN☼ Garmin internal (diagnostic utility) OS map naming
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    Default Garmin internal (diagnostic utility) OS map naming

    diagnostic utility first page displays internal memory maps

    Nuvi internal (diagnostic utility) OS map naming

    1. PROM1 = gmapprom.img
    2. PROM2 = gmapprom1.img
    3. Suppmap1 = gmapsupp.img (nuvi drive only)
    4. Suppmap = gmapsupp.img (SD Card drive only)
    5. Dir DB = gmapoem.img (OEM POI data map)
    6. Basemap = gmapbmap.img
    7. TZMap = gmaptz.img
    8. 3DMap 1 = gmap3d.img
    9. 3DMap 2 = gmap3d1.img

    sd maps should be in second page

    In zumo:
    Quote Originally Posted by Beddhist View Post
    I've done it. Here is the inventory:


    Double surprise for me, these are the file names:

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    I don't know why the gmapprom1 didn't work for me during the first testing, but it does now.

    The big surprise is the gmapsup1, which works only in the SD card.

    Hint for others doing this kind of research: you can see at a glance in the folder which files have been recognised and which haven't. The unit creates .sum files for each recognised file.

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    You have to navigate to get to the good.

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