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I haven't tried but i'm sure it is also entirely possible to dl only the gmap folder and then send the entire NA or just CA as you suggested to the [OEM lower49] unit as the new detail map image, but then how do you easily then get [direct from Garmin] the JCV and in the case of entire NA if it's got Voice Recognition and for that matter 3D capability also get those files too without a useless downloading of the OEM-only img direct to the unit? Is there a trick i don't know of to do that?
I've can now confirm that this is possible as I expected. In the case of the nuvi 40 with 'one-off' lower 49 OEM and subsequently purchased LM for entire NA, i dl'ed the NA gmap folder to PC and sent the full NA to the 4 GB microSD inserted in the unit together with the gma code as one gmapsupp containing the unit applicable unl.


The old 2014.10 map and associated files remained on the unit memory and had to be deleted manually. The new files such as JCV are of course not offered with this method, but using the other method [outlined in the preceding post] of directly dl'ing the lower 49 and then separately loading a second image from the gmap folder of the missing balance of entire NA only gets the reduced size JVC applicable to the OEM maps with the direct dl in any case.