Basecamp database and how to Backup/Restore-Import/Export

Where is the BC database?

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C:\Users\{user id}\AppData\Roaming\Garmin\BaseCamp\Database\3.2\AllData.gdb and
C:\Users\{user id}\AppData\Roaming\Garmin\BaseCamp\Database\3.2\FolderData.gfi

There are also a backup version of these files in case of database problems:
C:\Users\{user id}\AppData\Roaming\Garmin\BaseCamp\Database\3.2\AllData.gdb.bak and

C:\Document and Settings\{User ID}\Application Data\GARMIN\BaseCamp\Database\3.2\AllData.gdb and
C:\Document and Settings\{User ID}\Application Data\GARMIN\BaseCamp\Database\3.2\FolderData.gfi

There are also a backup version of these files in case of database problems:
C:\Document and Settings\{User ID}\Application Data\GARMIN\BaseCamp\Database\3.2\AllData.gdb.bak and
C:\Document and Settings\{User ID}\Application Data\GARMIN\BaseCamp\Database\3.2\FolderData.gfi.bak
C:\Users\{user id}\AppData\Roaming\Garmin\BaseCamp\Database\3.2\FolderData.gfi.bak

Backup/Restore and Import/Export

The BC Backup files with the .Backup file type are really zip file archives of the following folders that the user can save/restore from any folder location.
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C:\Users\{user id}\AppData\Roaming\Garmin\BaseCamp\Database
C:\Document and Settings\{User ID}\Application Data\GARMIN\BaseCamp\Database
Change the file type from .Backup to .Zip and you can examine or manually restore them.
As new versions are released, consider removing the older \Garmin\BaseCamp\Database\3.0\ and \Garmin\BaseCamp\Database\3.1\ folders so Backups don't get unwieldly large.

Whenever you want to test things, but restore back to the initial state, you have two choices. If your testing is all done in the same session of BC, you can rely on undo (ctrl-Z) to undo all changes back to when you started BC. If you inadvertantly exit BC, BC crashes or your PC crashes, all undo changes are lost. If you expect to make significant changes, use File>Backup to save a current state of your BC data. At any time, you can revert to that state with File>Restore.

File>Export will write a gpx, gdb, csv, tcx or txt file of any list or the entire My Collection. The gdb or gpx can be opened with MapSource or File>Import into BC. The tcx file can be imported into Garmin Training Center. Export followed by an Import will effectively duplicate a List, renaming each route by bumping the name by one numeric. But this does not duplicate the waypoints, so you are using the same waypoints as the original routes. Moving these waypoints also moves them in the original routes and any other routes in My Collection. It may be better to use Backup/Restore or duplicate each waypoint before moving them in the duplicate routes. This may change in a future BC version.

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