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    Default Go back to old firmwares with WebUpdater_231.exe

    An easy way to go back to old firmwares: Load WebUpdater_231.exe from [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]. Install it and drag the old firmware in the same folder. Start webupdater.exe, it ask to update to a newer version, click No !!! and it will install the old firmware to the Nüvi without connecting to the internet. I've tried it several times with my Nüvi 1255T.

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    Installing firmware to nuvi means saving it as gupdate.gcd in \Garmin or \.System directory, depending on nuvi model. You can do it without WebUpdater.
    Thanks, Kanopus

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    Navigation software expert Go back to old firmwares with WebUpdater_231.exe
    Go back to old firmwares with WebUpdater_231.exeGo back to old firmwares with WebUpdater_231.exeGo back to old firmwares with WebUpdater_231.exe
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    WebUpdater do not install the old firmware but copy the old firmware to Nuvi in folder .System (for Nuvi 1255T) with gupdate.gcd the name. You may do it yourself without WebUpdater!!! After device has reloaded the result will be same...

    For old device instead .System folder it be right for Garmin folder. In any case search for <FileName>GUPDATE.GCD</FileName> text in GarminDevice.xml file. You will see the wanted path in closeness before searching result (<Path>.System</Path> or <Path>Garmin</Path>) for your device.

    It is fearful secret but GarminDevice.xml file is the guide to action for all update process on Nuvies! WebUpdater and DashBoard applet on my.garmin.com read only this file on device and then collect and copy necessary files by order of data from it!!!

    P.S. And some words about update by Dashboard. If you want to know that hiding under warning "Software Updates. A software update is available. Update Now" you can to see webpage source for HTML code. You find path in WEB for separate update and "sku" for its in this listing. The "sku" is identical a <PartNumber> record in GarminDevice.xml. It is mean that the corresponding file from mentioned path of Garmin site will be placed to Nuvi in the path and with the name both indicated for a a <PartNumber> record in GarminDevice.xml.
    So if we want we may change a record in GarminDevice.xml and trick programs for update our unit. My mother and Garmin always says that it is not good. But mother do not see that I do and at the same time Garmin make a fool of me periodically
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